About Albwardy Marine Engineering

Since 1978 Albwardy Marine Engineering has been providing a complete package of professional ship repair, shipbuilding and marine engineering from our fully equipped shipyards in Dubai and Fujairah and from workshops in Salalah (Oman).

Services and activities

We believe that product and service quality, customer satisfaction and company profitability are intimately connected. Higher levels of quality result in higher levels of customer satisfaction, which ultimately supports company profitability. It is a win-win situation. Our core activities include a whole range of repair work, electrical services, machining, offshore support, hydraulic and diving services to newbuilding.

Innovative and dynamic Albwardy

Albwardy Marine Engineering is part of Albwardy Investment. This is an innovative and dynamic company founded in 1975 to act as an investment holding company and oversee a growing collection of a diverse number of businesses involved in food, trade and industry amongst other sectors. The marine engineering company employs more than 900 people.