Bollard pull (tonnes) Length o.a. (m) Beam o.a. (m) Power (total) (BKW) Speed (kts)
Bollard pull (tonnes) Length o.a. (m) Beam o.a. (m) Power (total) (BKW) Speed (kts)
105 33 13.6 6400 15
ASD Tug 3314 Expand Close
95 28.3 13 5050 14
ASD Tug 2814 Expand Close
95 32.4 13.2 5420 14.3
ASD Tug 3213 Expand Close
85 28.9 13.2 5050 14
ASD Tug 2913 Expand Close
80 32.7 12.8 5050 14
ASD Tug 3212 Expand Close
70 24.4 11.3 4200 12.5
ASD Tug 2411 Expand Close
65 32 12 4200 13
ASD Tug 3212 ICE Expand Close
60 28.6 10.4 3840 13.5
ASD Tug 2810 Expand Close


Length o.a.
28.67 m
Power (total)
3840 BKW
13.5 kts
Bollard pull
60 tonnes
Beam o.a.
10.43 m

Recent ASD Tug 2810 deliveries

  • Virgen del Valle and Arcangel San Miquel

    In September 2012 two ASD 2810 tugs will sail from Vietnam to Panama, to be a delivered to MMG Shipping Group. Both vessels were built at the Damen Song Cam Shipyard in Vietnam.

    Product Sheet (1.6MB, PDF)
    ASD Tug 2810
  • ASD Tug 2810
  • SD Rebel, SD Rover and SD Ranger

    Three units of Damen’s highly standardized ASD Tugs 2810 were handed over to the Dutch shipping company KOTUG International. More than 90 units of this design have been constructed up till now. The vessels for KOTUG were built at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania and sold from stock resulting in swift delivery time. Ard-Jan Kooren, CEO of KOTUG, comments: “Damen has a top quality portfolio. The short delivery times together with high quality were key factors for this investment”.

    Product Sheet (579KB, PDF)
    ASD Tug 2810
  • Paramaconi

    The Damen ASD Tug 2810 ‘Paramaconi’ has been delivered to INEA in Venezuela on 4 April 2012.

    Product Sheet (1.7MB, PDF)
    ASD Tug 2810, Paramaconi
  • Rua Cap Lucio R.

    The Damen ASD Tug 2810 ‘Rua Cap Lucio R.’ was successfully built at Dmen Shipyards Changde in China, and delivered to RUA Remolcadores Unidos Argentinos, Argentina February, 2012. The bollard pull of the ship is 58.5 tons, speed 13.7 knots.

    Product Sheet (823KB, PDF)
    ASD Tug 2810, Rua Cap Lucio R
  • Argus

    In November 2011 Iskes Towage & Salvage took its first Damen tug into operation: the ASD Tug 2810 named ‘Argus’. The standard ASD Tug 2810 was built at Damen Shipyards Galati in Romania. The quick delivery was possible due to the fact that a vessel from our stock could be modified to accommodate the wishes of Iskes. The ‘Argus’ is now operating from the port of IJmuiden, serving the traffic to Amsterdam and is one of the strongest ASD Tugs 2810 with 62.5 ton bollard pull.

    Product Sheet (1.3MB, PDF)
    ASD Tug 2810, Argus
  • Loufoulakari

    On 7 September 2011 Port Autonome de Pointe-Noire took delivery of her new Damen ASD Tug 2810 ‘Loufoulakari’. This Azimuth Stern Drive Tug with a bollard pull of 57 ton is now serving the port of Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo. High bollard pull and excellent manoeuvrability were the main design parameters incorporated in this compact harbour tug. ‘Loufoulakari’ was built at Damen Shipyards Galati.

    Product Sheet (1.9MB, PDF)
  • Kurmuk

    'Kurmuk', a Damen Azimuth Stern Drive 2810, was succesfully delivered to Sea Ports Corporation in Port Sudan on February 9. 'Kurmuk' joins the existing fleet of Sea Ports Corporation, which already has more than 30 Damen vessels, to support the growing number and increasing size of vessels calling at Port Sudan. Sea Ports Corporation's newest tugboat has a bollard pull of 55 tons and a speed ahead of over 13 knots.

    Product Sheet (2.3MB, PDF)
  • Evgeniy Yakovtsev

    Port of Yuzhny in Ukraine took delivery of a second ASD Tug 2810, the ‘Evgeniy Yakovtsev’, on February 22. This is an Ice Class vessel and the sister ship of ‘Gennadiy Savelyev’, delivered in December 2010.

    Product Sheet (2.2MB, PDF)
  • Gennadiy Savelyev

    A Damen ASD Tug 2810, ‘Gennadiy Savelyev’, was delivered to the Ukrainian port of Yuzhny on December 8, 2010. This Ice Class vessel was built at Damen Shipyards Galati, Romania.

    Product Sheet (1.2MB, PDF)
  • Nyangumi

    Tanzania Ports Authority took delivery of its new Damen ASD 2810, ‘Nyangumi’ on December 23, 2010. This highly manoeuvrable Azimuth Stern Drive Tug is now serving the Port of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s main port. Excellent manoeuvrability and a high unidirectional bollard pull of 57 tons ahead and 53.5 astern, were the main design parameters incorporated into the Damen ASD Tug 2810. Since 1982 Tanzania Ports Authority has successfully operated a large fleet of Damen tugs and pilot boats. ‘Nyangumi’ was built at Damen Shipyards Gorinchem.

    Product Sheet (5.1MB, PDF)
  • Frey

    Just two months after the contract signing, an ASD Tug 2810 was delivered to Intertug in August 2010. After ‘Egir’ and ‘Valkyria’, ‘Frey’ is the third ASD Tug 2810 for the Intertug fleet, which also includes several 2208, 2608, 2909 and 3509 Stan Tugs.

    Product Sheet (1.2MB, PDF)
  • Tribon and Barakuda

    Damen delivered two ASD 2810 Tugs, 'Tribon' and 'Barakuda' to Kompania di Tou Korsou (KTK) in Curacao last June. The two ASD 2810s were in addition to the Damen Stan Tug 4011 'Orca VI' delivered earlier that year. KTK operates a total fleet of eight Damen vessels, including another ASD Tug 2810 the 'Ola'.

    Product Sheet (1.6MB, PDF)
  • PB Herbert

    With the delivery of ‘PB Herbert’, another ASD Tug 2810, PB Towage Australia completed its new fleet in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Like her sister vessel ‘PB Leichhardt’, ‘PB Herbert’ has been delivered with an aft winch and special fire fighting equipment to comply with local standards. PB Towage Australia has been the operator in Townsville since 2009. The Townsville fleet comprises two Damen ASD 2810s and one Damen ASD Tug 2411.


    Product Sheet (1.5MB, PDF)
50 22.7 10.4 3000 12.3
ASD Tug 2310 Expand Close
50 23.7 10.4 3000 12.3
ASD Tug 2410 Expand Close
50 28.6 10.4 3132 12.7
ASD Tug 2810 ICE Expand Close
40 22.7 10.4 2700 11.8
ASD Tug 2310 Expand Close
30 21.1 9.4 1940 11.2
ASD Tug 2009 Expand Close
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