Pioneering standardised shipbuilding

In 1969, our Chairman Kommer Damen pioneered standardised shipbuilding. His idea was to give customers access to a wide range of benefits. One major advantage is that customers are able to order vessels based on proven technology directly from stock, resulting in exceptionally fast delivery times.

Focusing on series building meant that the vessels shared a lot of commonality (equipment and spare parts) and they were optimised through continual product development – each new generation was perfected at that particular stage of its evolution. Ultimately, Kommer Damen’s vision allowed him to offer sharply priced, top quality vessels and swift delivery times to the market.

Prepared for the future

Today, the philosophy of series production is more relevant than ever before. As our industry looks towards increasing sustainability and digital connectivity, standardisation provides an efficient vehicle to make this transition. By continuing to apply the philosophy which has defined it for generations, Damen is well prepared for the future.