Future proof ship building

Sustainability, digitalisation & operational excellence

In order to ensure global prosperity for next generations and keep the earth habitable with an ever-increasing world population, it is essential that we use the water and the seabed as optimally, but also as responsibly, as possible, with good stewardship for earth, nature and the environment. 

For this reason we want to become the most sustainable shipbuilder in the world.  To achieve this, we need to harness and develop connected solutions as tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our products and services.

We see our way forward in making sustainability, digitalisation and operational excellence central to everything we do – in our products and in our production.


At Damen, sustainability is about creating added value for economical, societal and environmental purposes. We believe firmly that by embracing sustainability we ensure our continued growth and relevance for the future. Our sustainability strategy is built on three pillars:


Digitalisation will enable us to support our clients throughout the lifetime of their vessels with services and performance upgrades to maximise effectivity, efficiency and profitability. As a digital solution provider, Damen will expand its rule in the aftersales market, translating our data and knowledge into advisory and supporting services. Information will be used to create a digital twin, connected to the actual vessel, turning it into a smart ship able to perform optimally.

Operational Excellence

To us, our focus on operational excellence means that our work is never done. We are continually seeking ways in which we can improve our processes and, as a result, our products and services. The world is changing and we aim to change with it in order to be successful – for us and for our customers. This means working together, as One Damen, recognising the needs of our customers and working to ensure we deliver them. Ultimately, our drive for operational excellence is about providing you with solutions that are reliable, low risk and, crucially, profitable and sustainable.

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