Unique approach to R&D

Our long-term view and commitment to sustainability ensure that research and development activities play a crucially important role at Damen. Our philosophy of building ships in a series gives rise to a unique approach to R&D. Their development benefits from the collective experience gained over successive generations. As a result we are continually learning, constantly bettering our methods and our products. This ensures that we deliver the optimal version of a vessel at each phase of its evolution.

Focusing on sustainability and digitalisation

Our R&D is key to the successful achievement of our goals regarding sustainability, digitalisation and operational excellence. We have, for example, been at the forefront of the electrification of ship propulsion and additionally, we have undertaken a number of studies aiming towards the reduction of underwater noise.

Frequently, the improvement of our vessels’ operational performance and sustainability is driven by increased connectivity. This is why we are working towards becoming the most digital shipbuilder. 

Developments such as our award-winning IoT platform ‘Damen Triton’ allow us to gather information from the operations of our vessels. This data is used to improve sailing profiles and maximise uptime, as well as to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Creating the maritime world of the future together

But we cannot face the future alone. In order to meet our goals, and to support our customers in reaching theirs, we have to work together. At Damen we collaborate with all of our stakeholders – with customers, suppliers, industry, governments, research institutes and education institutes – sharing knowledge that is paving the way to the maritime world of tomorrow.