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Landing Craft

Our Landing Craft have proven extremely effective and adaptable, with the vessels being very successfully operated, even in missions they were not specifically designed for.

During disaster relief operations, the Landing Craft are particularly useful when harbour infrastructure has been disabled, being able to deliver aid and support directly to where needed. During anti-piracy operations, a flotilla of craft can receive support from a Landing Craft as a forward operating base for several days. A Damen Landing Craft is your long-term amphibious solution.

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versatility & flexibility

Operational profile

The Landing Craft range includes various essential, cost-effective design features. Included amongst these is a bow ramp (and stern ramp) designed for handling vehicles up to 70 tonnes and a stern anchor and winch for use during beaching and beach recovery.

Our Landing Craft range can be deployed for:

  • Amphibious operations

  • Ship-to-Shore movements

  • Forward operating base (FOB) role

  • Harbour protection

  • Riverine operations

  • Humanitarian aid/disaster relief

  • Non-combatant evacuation operations

  • Rapid environmental assessments

Aid and support where it’s needed

Experience has shown that Damen Landing Craft are extremely adaptable. They are particularly effective at providing aid and support in areas lacking harbour infrastructure.

Experience that counts

Damen has been involved in the development and production of landing craft for decades. Nowadays amphibious operations are subject to doctrine shifts towards ship to objective manoeuvre (STOM), over the horizon (OTH) and forward operating base (FOB) operations. In the future, the distance between the mother ship and area of operations/landing area increases as a consequence. This requires a new approach in designing landing craft, based on the latest developments, requirements and criteria. As a result, faster landing craft have been developed, able to maintain their performance in a seaway.

Continuous development and improvement

Drawing on our vast experience and aided with the valuable operational knowledge and feedback from our customers, we are able to continually develop the range to the highest standards available on the market. The craft in the range all feature: latest equipment improvements, good landing capability, high payload capability, reliability, robustness, superb seakeeping behaviour.

Damen offers a wide range of Landing Craft, including:

  • LCP Landing Craft Personnel

  • LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel

  • LCM Landing Craft Mechanised

  • LCU Landing Craft Utility

  • LCT Landing Craft Tank

Reliability & Utility

Even though for some amphibious tasks, speed is an important requirement, providing the right utilities to support amphibious operations requires well equipped, robust craft. The Damen Landing Craft range includes state-of-the-art amphibious workhorses such as Landing Craft Utilities.

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