Floating Drydocks

Long-term cost control in shiprepair

Floating Drydocks


Proven technology

At the core of our drydock designs is an understanding of the needs of today’s maritime industry. We provide the means to manage a modern repair project, facilitating fast vessel-to-shore transport and reduced waiting times. A drydock can be designed to meet your current needs, but what about the future? Our modular range can also be adapted as your business grows. As well as this, our modular drydocks enable you to remove bottom sections  for inspection and maintenance within the dock itself.

Maximum efficiency

Vessels do not belong in drydocks

Shipowners are always looking for ways to minimise costs, optimise maintenance and keep vessels in operation. We have put our years of experience in shiprepair and maintenance into innovative and efficient designs. Docking in a Damen drydock requires minimal preparation and only a few man hours. The side walls are designed to offer flexibility when placing cranes, generator sets, control rooms and other equipment.


Just the way you want it

Our modular and monohull floating drydocks are designed to adapt to your yard layout and business model. Proven technology is applied to deliver a construction with the longest possible life. What’s more, the modular nature of the construction means you can remove bottom sections piece-by-piece for inspection and maintenance. In this way, you have full control of your in-house maintenance programme and downtime is minimised.

Load-out & recovery drydock

Following increased demand for heavy lift and ship-to-shore transport, all of our designs can be tailored to incorporate a load-out capacity relative to the size of the drydock. If such capabilities are the main aim, we can also supply a Load-Out & Recovery (LOR) Drydock. The product is equally suited to facilitate onshore repairs via a transfer area.


Your maritime solutions partner

Buying a vessel from Damen is so much more than just ‘getting a new boat’. It includes a variety of financing possibilities. It’s about choosing where you want your vessel built. Plus, our service continues throughout your vessel’s entire lifecycle.

Tailored lifecycle support

Whatever maritime sector you work in, Damen Services is there for you 24/7. Always on standby.

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Built at the location of your choice

You don’t have to build a Damen vessel at a Damen yard. We can support construction at any yard in the world.

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Level-headed financing solutions

We provide a wide range of financing arrangements for all types of Damen vessels, equipment and products.

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