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26 August 2021

Goodbye Galati!

Last week, during a beautiful early morning both the Amherst Islander II and Wolfe Islander IV were captured at the yard in Galati for the very last time! One by one the vessels sailed at their own keel towards Constanta, located at the Black Sea. At this location the vessels are prepared for transport, all systems have been shut down. Early this week the semi-submersible transport vessel Super Servant 4 arrived on site, preparations are done and shortly both ferries will be loaded onto the vessel. By the end of this week the Super Servant 4 will depart from Romania only to arrive in a few weeks’ time in Canada. We wish Amherst Islander II and Wolfe Islander IV a safe homecoming!

June 2021

Ontario ferries together in dry dock

With the upcoming deliveries, both the Amherst Islander II and Wolfe Islander IV went together into the dry dock for a final underwater inspection. Both vessels are cleaned and thoroughly inspected. Provided with Ice Class rated paint on their underwater hulls, which forms a though protection layer against damages. After the sea trials of Wolfe Islander IV, which are scheduled soon, both vessels will be prepared for transport.

May 2021

Amherst Islander II passes first trials at sea

Mid-April Amherst Islander II went out for her maiden voyage. The Road Ferry set sail from the Romanian yard in Galati to the Black Sea, to perform her sea trials. The first day of trials started with rough weather, entering the sea channel was with that directly a proper test for the vessel, and the 35 persons on board.. During trials her hybrid heart showed its great value...due to the absence of the shore charging facilities, which will be available in Canada, the generators on board were used to recharge her batteries.

Tests were mostly performed on battery power only, sailing away very silently across the Black Sea. However, both hybrid and diesel modes were extensively tested and with success!

Amherst Islander II is now being prepared for delivery and waiting for Wolfe Islander IV to be ready. Both vessels will be transported at the same time to their final destination, the province of Ontario.

March – April 2021

Waiting for the action!

Quiet times at the Amherst Islander II, while the road ferry is waiting for her final trials at the Black Sea. The well trained eye will notice that this electric operating vessel, does have exhaust pipes and generators on board. To obtain maximum redundancy under different circumstances she carries, besides her batteries, two (2) diesel generators on board. The Amherst Islander II is therefore capable to sail full electric, as a hybrid and solely on diesel power.

January 2021

Heading for sea trials

Both the MTO ferries are currently located closely together at the quay of Damen shipyard Galati. Where commissioning on the Wolfe Islander IV is still in full progress, the Amherst Islander II is being checked, finalised and prepared for sea trials! The sea trails at the Black Sea will commence within a short period of time for the Amherst Islander II, shortly after followed by the Wolfe Islander IV. After the challenging construction period we faced last year, we look forward to set sail for the first time with these innovative ferries!


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