Proven processes for unique projects

Engineered to order

Flexible approach

In addition to the delivery of standardised solutions, we also offer ‘engineered to order’ projects. This does not represent a break with our philosophy, however. We have seen the benefits that serial production brings to our clients and are committed to this. With engineered to order projects, we adapt the practice of standardisation to the specific requirements of our customers.

Building on success

When building one-off projects or prototypes we apply proven techniques and components. Often they are based on the successful practices and technologies that we have integrated repeatedly in our standard platforms. Examples of this can be seen in the off-the-shelf solutions we apply to the complex vessels we construct for the offshore industries and for navies around the world.

Working with customers to achieve the best result

In many cases, our solution lies in utilising modular construction and through applying demonstrably successful solutions in a plug and play format for first time right results. Our teams of naval architects, mechanical and electrical engineers, project managers and supply chain specialists, work together with our customers to deliver high quality projects – on time and on budget.

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