Damen has strong policies and governance in place to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


The Executive Board is accountable for compliance with legislation and the CFO is responsible for compliance management. Oversight is provided by the Audit and Risk Committee that reviews the compliance reports quarterly and the external auditors report yearly. The Group Compliance Officer assisted by two Business Compliance Officers is responsible for the execution of the compliance program.

Compliance Program

The compliance program consists of the elements risk management, policies and procedures, training and communication, monitoring and auditing and incident handling.

Damen does not tolerate bribery, corruption, fraud, violations of trade sanctions, anti-money laundering or anti-competition laws, or any other illegal or unethical conduct by anyone working for or on behalf of the Company.

These risks are assessed on a yearly basis. Training and communication ensures the implementation of the Code of Conduct and related compliance policies. Training is tailored to specific target groups and can be online or face2face. Training is refreshed on a regular basis.


The Group Compliance Officer reports directly to the Executive Board on the progress of the compliance program and on key risks and incidents and quarterly attends and reports to the Audit and Risk Management Committee.


The Executive Board has put a comprehensive set of policies in place to manage compliance risks. The most relevant policies for external stakeholders are available for direct download on this website. Additionally Damen has numerous other internal policies in place, amongst others an Import and Export Controls and Sanctions Policy, Competition policy, Personal and Business Integrity Policy, Financial Compliance Policy and Retention Policy. For more information on these topics, please contact the Compliance department.

Contact us: compliance@damen.com



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