Damen stands for quality – achieving productivity, flexibility, cost reduction and maximum quality all our activities

We invest in product, process and organisational development and, together with our personnel, we strive towards delivering consistent quality.

Damen vessels are designed and built to meet customers’ expectations.

The definition of a Damen vessel

Our vessels are built and equipped with high quality materials and systems. The result is reliability, sustainability and a long lifespan. Damen is well known for its standard designs giving excellent performance for the whole lifecycle. But, although our vessels are standardised, they are still flexible – we can tailor them to fit customer-specific requirements.

It all starts with design. Optimal production design to increase yard productivity. Design of operations for efficient use of the end product. And design of services to act as a reliable partner throughout the vessel’s lifecycle.

Excel in your operations

Customer feedback combined with a proactive learning approach throughout the organisation gives direction to our product development. This is how we develop new markets and technologies while meeting our customers’ requirements. This commitment to quality means that our customers can excel in their operations.

During the production process there are numerous aspects that we take into account to maintain levels of quality:

Damen has always invested in long term relationships and close cooperation with our strategic suppliers and subcontractors.
  • State-of-the-art production techniques with dedicated personnel
  • Long term cooperative relationships with suppliers and subcontractors for an efficient supply chain
  • As our business is international, our process monitoring tools and audits guarantee product excellence
  • Production is carried out with respect for people, laws and surroundings – regardless of building location

A learning organisation

Damen promotes development at all levels within the company to create a proactive learning organisation. By having dedicated employees who uphold the Damen values – transparency, respect, flexibility and creativity – we believe we can excel in what we do.

Effective performance information helps our management steer the organisation, while exploring new possibilities, and preserve our sustained success.



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