Damen has been looking at ways to promote sustainable shipping for years. Reducing the frictional resistance of the ship’s hull by means of air lubrication showed to be a promising way. Model scale and full scale investigations demonstrated that overall fuel-savings up to 15% are possible.

Damen participated in successful Dutch and European funded research projects and recently commissioned a new type of air lubricated inland ship called the Ecoliner. This verssel is equipped with air chambers. This concept is patented by Damen.

Current research is looking into the practical and economic feasibility of an alternative system based on an air cavity concept. This concept is patented by the Technological University of Delft, the Netherlands. Fundamental research showed good results and this system allows for a wider application, being less sensitive to ship motions and with less impact on the hull geometry. This makes it possible to refit existing vessels with the air cavity concept.

Viable Alternative Mine Operating System

The outcomes and the future of the ¡VAMOS! project

Four years on and the Damen team that supported the EU-funded ¡Vamos! project look back at their achievements. Damen’s dredging expertise played a leading role in developing an exciting new way of extracting minerals from flooded quarries cleanly and effectively.


Innovative spirit – the EU’s contribution to Damen’s RD&I, part I

Seven different research projects will be covered, touching on subjects such as energy efficiency, design optimisation and sustainable ships.

Damen shows the RSD Tug 2513 to the European Commission. The tug contains several important technologies resulting from LeanShips.

Innovative spirit – the EU’s contribution to Damen’s RD&I, part II

This second article will cover two separate research programmes relating to sustainable and energy efficient ships.

Demonstration of VAMOS at Lee Moor

Innovative spirit – the EU’s contribution to Damen’s RD&I, part III

This final chapter looks at the most recent (still ongoing) research programmes involving sustainable mining, and ‘value-added’ ships.

Composite vessels

Composite vessels

Composites are fibre reinforced polymers, with this material you can build a boat that is stronger and lighter than its aluminium counterpart, composite materials do not corrode.

Composite ships for the next generation of ship owners

Composite ships for the next generation of ship owners

A new era is dawning in the shipbuilding industry, one where traditional construction materials are being replaced with composites. These modern materials yield numerous advantages.

Marine access. A birth of a new era

Marine access. A birth of a new era

Marine access is a rapidly evolving sector of the offshore industry, and Damen continues to consult widely as offshore operators refine their requirements and objectives.

CFD – Virtual Towing Tank

CFD – Virtual Towing Tank

Damen is now two years into a three-year project investigating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools and the contribution they can make to accelerating the ship design process, while at the same time cutting the associated costs and improving the quality of products in the group’s portfolio. The project belongs to the wider corporate programme Damen Cooperative Research (DCR).


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