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Stan Patrol 5009

Length (metres) Length (feet) 50.1 164.4

Speed max (knots) Speed max (mph) 29.5 33.95

Crew 28

Hull construction Steel

Propulsion 4x Fixed pitch propellers

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Stan Patrol 1605

Length (metres) Length (feet) 16.5 54.13

Speed max (knots) Speed max (mph) 35.5 40.85

Crew 4

Hull construction Aluminium

Propulsion 2x Waterjets

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Stan Patrol 4207

Length (metres) Length (feet) 42.8 140.42

Speed max (knots) Speed max (mph) 26.5 30.5

Crew 18

Hull construction Steel

Propulsion 2x Controllable pitch propellers

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