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ASD Tug 2609 ICE Class

Bollard pull max (tonnes) Bollard pull max (pounds) 38 83774.8

Length (meter) Length (feet) 26.45 86.78

Power total (BKW) Power total (BKW) 2460 2460

Speed max (kts) Speed max (mph) 12 14.96

Beam (m) Beam (feet) 9.54 31.3

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Harbour TugEscort TugSea Tug

ASD Tug 3010 ICE Class

Bollard pull max (tonnes) Bollard pull max (pounds) 55.5 122355

Length (meter) Length (feet) 29.84 97.9

Power total (BKW) Power total (BKW) 3840 3840

Speed max (kts) Speed max (mph) 12.9 14.85

Beam (m) Beam (feet) 10.43 34.22

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Harbour TugEscort TugSea Tug

ASD Tug 2811

Bollard pull max (tonnes) Bollard pull max (pounds) 60 132277

Length (meter) Length (feet) 28.57 93.73

Power total (BKW) Power total (BKW) 3804 3804

Speed max (kts) Speed max (mph) 13 14.96

Beam (m) Beam (feet) 11.43 37.5

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Harbour TugEscort TugSea Tug

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  • We build vessels for all maritime operations in harbours, for offshore support as well sor shipping, public transport, dredging and fishing


    Damen has developed numerous ranges of standard vessels. Whatever the market, you’ll find some common themes that define our vessels: Use of proven technologies, high quality craftsmanship and low Total Cost of Ownership.

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  • Inland Shipping

    Damen builds inland tankers, tugs and pushers to the highest standards using proven technology. We offer fast deliveries and a wide variety of specifications and sizes to suit every type and size of waterway. Our customers benefit from our knowledge of alternative fuels and low-emission propulsion systems that significantly reduce TCO.

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  • Damen Harbour & Terminal market

    Harbour & Terminal

    In ports and harbours, the work is as diverse as it is constant. Our Harbour & Terminal series can handle it all – staying productive and safe. We divide the series into two groups: Towage & Movements (tugs, Stan Launches and Stan Pilots) and Harbour Services (work barges, dredgers and high-speed craft).

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  • At the busy yard on the banks of the Danube, Damen’s unique shipbuilding concept comes to life

    Damen Shipyards Galati

    With an area of 55 hectares and having approximately 2,500 employees, Damen Shipyards Galati is one of the largest production units of the Dutch Damen Group which operates 35 shipbuilding and repair yards worldwide.

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  • Damen have designed the facilities at the 42-hectare site to maximise efficiency

    Damen Song Cam Shipyard

    With primary construction complete, Damen Song Cam Shipyard is the latest addition to the Damen Shipyards Group. The yard is Damen’s first formal Joint Venture yard in Vietnam and will be the preferred production location for Damen tug and workboats up to 60 metres long.

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  • Damen Shipyards Changde is a state-of-the-art shipyard that mainly focuses on building tugs, workboats, high-speed vessels

    Damen Shipyards Changde

    Damen Shipyards Changde is a state-of-the-art shipyard that mainly focuses on building tugs, workboats, high-speed vessels and dredgers for the export market worldwide. More than 150 vessels have been delivered over the last 20 years and 75 vessels are now under construction.

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  • We supply all tugs and workboats needed for the wide variety of tasks in ports and harbours

    Harbour & Terminal

    Keeping ports and harbours safe and productive. See what our tugs and workboats can handle.

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  • Damen maks vessels more effective in their operations, more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly

    The Damen safe Tug

    Damen participates in the Marine Safe Tug project that examines ship assists in extreme conditions.

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  • Our development method is unique and the hybrid propulsion system leads to spectacular reductions in CO2 emissions

    E3 Tug Project

    Developing a hybrid tug – Damen plays a leading role in the well-known E3 Tug initiative.

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  • IMDEX Asia is Asia Pacific's premier international maritime defence show and a must-attend event in the global naval and maritime security calendar.

    IMDEX Asia

    The Damen Shipyards Group will be exhibiting at IMDEX ASIA from 19 – 21 May in Singapore where we will showcase our latest products and developments in naval and security.

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