Maintenance Management Solutions is about helping customers perform preventive maintenance in order to maximise vessel uptime and minimise operational costs. It is our many years of experience and knowledge gathered into one maintenance database – available in various formats such as a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

CMMS explained

Damen offers the Damos CMMS. This software is class certified, user-friendly, modular built and therefore, easily expandable

Damen’s Damos CMMS: a class-certified and user-friendly software package. Customers gain an overview of planned maintenance activities, resource allocation and maintenance history. It has everything our customers need: documentation of onboard systems, a ready-to-use maintenance plan and an integrated set of initial spares.

Improvements through feedback

By adding experience from our Field Service Engineers and valuable customer feedback to the system, we can constantly improve the database.

Modular extensions

Customers can extend the database to make it even more helpful. Covering the following:

  • Spare parts planning & purchase
  • Cost & budget reporting
  • Stock control



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