At Damen we recognise the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment. That is why we want to ensure the safe recycling of vessels. We recycle the vessels according to international conventions to avoid environmental and safety problems.

Recycling starts with the design

Optimal recycling starts in the design phase, with a careful selection of components. This process, making a conscious choice of materials, continues until production is completed. Damen will apply for the green passport on all product ranges, making it simple to trace any hazardous materials, and consequently facilitating easier recycling. Our Service department can also give a “second life” to your fleet with the Damen Trading Service.

Green Recycling

Recycling vessels is not as easy as it seems. The vessels have to be dismantled and the materials must be separated before they can either decompose or be recycled. Materials that can’t decompose or be recycled will be processed safely and in the most environmentally friendly way as possible. Our Research & Development Department is continuously searching for alternative materials to increase the amount of material that can be recycled. And we support the only true environmentally friendly option: the use of “Green Ship Recycling” at approved facilities. These facilities are able to handle up to 99% of the materials and to process hazardous waste.


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