Every ship that we deliver undergoes an intense period of Commissioning & Trials – whether it’s a new build or an overhaul.

Damen provides all the specialists you need – Field Service Engineers, captains and classification officials. With the right experts on hand, we prepare your vessel for operations.

During Commissioning & Trials you need specialists and experts

Commissioning is performed by a Damen Field Service Engineer (together with a supplier’s engineer if required). All shipboard equipment is rigorously tested – resulting in improved product quality and increased vessel uptime.

We conduct the following tests during sea trials to measure a vessel’s general seaworthiness and performance:

  • Speed & endurance
  • Sea-keeping & manoeuvrability
  • Crash stop
  • Total blackout
  • Bilge/ballast/internal FiFi system
  • External FiFi system (if applicable)
  • Bollard pull (if applicable)

Once complete, the vessel is certified and accepted by the Classification Society (when required) and the owner.



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