DOP Dredgers

The right configuration for your dredge job

Versatility is key

DOP Dredgers

The easily adjustable design of DOP Dredgers sets them apart: from sand mining to deep dredging, hydropower dam sediment removal or cleaning remote water reservoirs – all these jobs and many more can be done using the DOP Dredger. This flexible design is based on a number of standard blocks which allows for easy adaptation.

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DOP Dredgers

Flexible design

Two design features stand out for the DOP Dredger: adjustability and modularity. The design is easily adapted to different dredging circumstances. For instance, a ladder extension is available when the need arises to dredge deeper. The modularity is obvious during transport: all units can be containerised or are container-sized to allow for practical transport to even the most remote areas.


Single solution for any challenge

Every dredging job is different. At one end of the spectrum there are deep dredging jobs such as sand mining and hydropower dam maintenance. On the other end, there are the shallow water dredging activities. These include slurry pond maintenance, industrial slime reservoir clean-ups, and many more stationary dredging situations where a high volume of dredged material has to be removed. For all of them the DOP Dredger is the solution: the submerged dredge pump ensures a high mixture concentration, and the dredge can be configured and retrofitted following the dredging activities.

Cleaning reservoir sedimentation

Sedimentation at hydropower dams is a natural occurrence. Rivers transport silt, sand and gravel downstream, depositing their cargo at the dam. This leads to clogged inlets, and a gradually growing sludge deposit in the reservoir. This reservoir sedimentation can be tackled using a DOP Dredger. Standard add-ons will increase the dredger’s dredging depth to keep pace with its dredging activities. The same trick goes for inland sand mining deposits which grow in depth over time, or maintenance dredging of industrial ponds.

Key dredging features

Made to fit your job

The DOP Dredger series comes in four types. However, this is certainly not a limitation: the design is such that the components can be seen as building blocks. Do you want to dredge deeper? Add a fore pontoon with a dedicated gantry. Do you want to discharge the dredged sand further away? Add a booster station on deck. As a result, your DOP Dredger will exactly match the job’s requirements.

Isolated job sites

Where is your dredge job?

Many dredge projects are located in out-of-the-way places. Getting the right tools on location could involve lengthy transport over twisting mountain roads, a limited build-up area and a lack of locally available hoisting power. As the modularly designed DOP Dredger is composed of limited-sized building blocks these constraints are easily overcome.

Building blocks

Standard components allow for easy adaptation

The DOP Dredger consists of a number of standard elements. These include the submersed dredge pump with hoisting gear, a diesel hydraulic power pack, winches on a prefabricated frame and a spacious control cabin. Pontoons can be made locally to a design package, or they can be included in the delivery.

Dredging deeper

Unlimited dredging depth

Deep dredging is easy done using a submersed dredge pump, which is lowered down. Deploying a hoisting cable as the connection, the dredging depth is flexible. The unlimited mining tool can reach a depth up to -100 metres below the water surface. The powerful sub pump easily brings the slurry to the water level.

Maximising reliability

The DOP pump is a proven asset

In the end it is the reliable operation of your dredger that counts. The key to reliability is the dredge pump that is used. There is no reason for hesitation as the submersed slurry pumps used here are all DOP pumps. Hundreds of this type of dredging pump have been sold over the past decades. Robust and designed for practical maintenance, they will prove their worth on your job.

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