Damen innovative projects

Our development method is unique and the hybrid propulsion system leads to spectacular reductions in CO2 emissions

E3 Tug Project

Developing a hybrid tug – Damen plays a leading role in the well-known E3 Tug initiative.

Damen has been looking at ways to promote sustainable shipping for years

Inland ships benefit from air lubricated hulls

Damen’s efforts to promote sustainable shipping pay off with ACES – the ‘Air Chamber Energy Saving’ vessel.

The “Axe Bow Concept” was developed, a hull shape with unparallelled seakeeping characteristics

Sea Axe Design

Damen and Delft University of Technology have cooperated to improve the seakeeping characteristics of high-speed vessels. The outcome? The Sea Axe.

Damen maks vessels more effective in their operations, more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly

The Damen safe Tug

Damen participates in the Marine Safe Tug project that examines ship assists in extreme conditions.