Damen Civil is specialized in the development, design and construction of a wide range of shipyard facilities for both repair and new build shipyards

Damen Civil has gained unrivalled expertise in the development, design of shipyard facilities.
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With our years of experience extended knowledge and our proven concepts we have our customers a lot to offer.

Damen Civil’s involvement with a shipyard project during the execution stage can range from purely an advisory role to the delivery of a full turnkey project and anything in between.
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Our Approach

Damen We provide your required materials from multiple sources to ensure high quality products at a competitive price and a short delivery time

At Damen we supply your required materials from multiple sources to ensure high quality products at competitive prices and with a short delivery time.

Whether your request is entered through our web portal, via e-mail, discussed by phone or in person, we always start by listening to and analysing your needs in order to provide you with a tailored solution. We investigate the way tools and equipment are used as well as the frequency of the use, the desired lifetime and the availability of local maintenance support, amongst other things. Once the requirements have been determined, the decision can be taken whether to select new or second-hand equipment.

Items are professionally packed and stowed before transportation to their final destination. If second-hand equipment is purchased, the quality will be tested and the product serviced prior to transportation.

As standard practice, the products will be delivered CIF to any desired port. Upon request, delivery conditions can be changed.

Once at the location, equipment will be assembled, tested and commissioned. If the complexity of the equipment requires specific skills and knowledge, training can be given at the request of the client.

After successful installation and testing, premium warranty and maintenance services will be provided through Damen Services during the operational stage.