Dredging & Marine Contracting

With our roots in the Netherlands, Damen has a natural insight into water management. With our considerable knowledge and experience Damen designs and builds robust and powerful Dredgers and components.

Four decades ago the standardisation concept was totally new in the


Damen’s standard designs offer numerous advantages:

  • - Fast delivery
  • - Competitive pricing
  • - Tried & tested technology
  • - Best price-quality ratio
  • - High resale value

All of our designs are worked out to the smallest detail

Hulls in stock

To reduce delivery times to a minimum, we build vessels for stock. Customers can fine-tune their vessel with a large range of options to meet their specific requirements.

All dredging components are continuously improved

Research & Development

Utilising the latest CFX flow prediction software and valuable customer feedback, Damen’s R&D teams recently developed a new range of drag heads. The result? Improved dredging production.

Damen Dredging Equipment

The total installed power of 938 kW ensures that all functions on board can work independently and simultaneously

Cutter Suction Dredger

Our wide range of standard stationary Cutter Suction Dredgers are renowned for their durability, power and multiple options.

Maximum mixture concentration due to the submersed dredge pump

DOP Dredger

Damen’s DOP Dredger is a dismountable modular dredging system. As such, it’s a highly versatile and adaptable dredger with many options.

damen tshd 650

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

For maintenance dredging duties, we designed our small and medium-sized Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers with numerous options.


Trailing Suction Pipe

We can deliver trailing dredging kits to any third party shipyard in the world.

The DOP Submersible dredge pump is directly powered by a hydraulic motor. This results in a compact design and trouble free operation

DOP Pumps

Versatile dredging tools, our DOP submersible dredge pumps have wear-resistant, hydraulically or electrically driven dredge pumps at their heart.

The boosters and cutter suction dredgers have been designed to work in series

Booster Station

Perfect for large jobsites – Damen’s Booster Stations easily bridge long discharge distances.

Damen dredging instrumentation to boost its operation

Dredging Instrumentation

Retrofit your dredger with Damen dredging instrumentation to boost its operation.

Damen Dredging Support Vessels

The Damen Shoalbusters are versatile, multi-purpose vessels for harbour, inland and coastal waters.


Damen Shoalbusters are fit for operations in inland, coastal and harbour waters.

Especially designed to work in shallow as well as deeper water

Multi Cats

Our Multi Cat Series is a complete range of multi-purpose workboats built from up-to-date designs with high quality standardised components.


Stan Pontoons

Damen Stan Pontoons are the perfect solution for extra floating storage and work space. We have various size, propulsion and mooring options to match your needs.

Designed and built to be a strong workboat

Stan Tender 1504

Looking for a multi-purpose workboat to perform harbour and port services? The high-speed Damen Stan Tender fits the bill.