Public Transport

Damen’s ultra-modern (Fast) Ferries, Water Taxis, Water Buses, RoPax and Double Ended Ferries operate all over the world. We build these fuel-efficient Public Transport vessels to state-of-the-art designs.

Damen’s focus on standardisation is undoubtedly one of our fundamental


Damen’s standard designs offer numerous advantages:

  • - Fast delivery
  • - Competitive pricing
  • - Tried & tested technology
  • - Best price-quality ratio
  • - High resale value

Customers can fine-tune their vessel with a large range of options to meet their specific requirements.

Hulls in stock

To reduce delivery times to a minimum, we build vessels for stock. Customers can fine-tune their vessels with a large range of options available to meet their specific requirements.

damen ferry 2306 e3 arriva cfd

Research & Development

Our R&D teams are continuously improving our vessels – making them faster, quieter, more economical and more environmentally friendly. The Enlarged Ship Concept and the Sea Axe are just some of the pioneering designs that we have developed.


damen fast ferry 3609 (preview)

Fast Ferries

We build most of our customisable, fuel-efficient Fast Ferries at our ultra-modern Damen Shipyards Singapore facility.

Water Taxi

We designed our state-of-the-art, composite Water Taxi for on-demand passenger transport.

 Damen water buses can be deployed as taxis, sightseeing boats, commuter ferries, for dinner cruises and many other uses

Water Bus

The Damen Water Bus is a ground-breaking public transport concept: It’s highly flexible and yet fully standardised.

Passenger & Vehicle

Coastal car/passenger ferry with 36 kts speed

Fast RoPax Ferries

Damen’s Fast Ropax Ferries are highly efficient and comfortable vessels that comply with all international safety standards including HSC 2000.

RoPax Ferries

Damen RoPax Ferries are an excellent means of waterborne public transport. They ensure safe and efficient journeys for cars, trucks and passengers.

Damen Modular Ferry for 200 passengers and 18 cars

Modular Ferries

Our Modular Ferries can be constructed abroad with the components delivered as container sized modules. This allows them to be transported to even the remotest locations for local assembly.