Seagoing Transport

Decades of experience and investment in research and development have been fed into our designs, resulting in a comprehensive range of seagoing cargo vessels that enjoy a reputation for flexibility, high quality, excellent loading, fuel efficiency and attractive pricing. As well as our standard range, we can also produce customised designs to meet specific requirements. Damen maintains a dedicated Seagoing Transport division, and all our customers are given a single point of contact for expert advice and support.

Container Vessels

Container Feeder Open Top

Container Feeders

Damen has developed a modern range of high-quality Container Feeders for the transportation of a wide range of containers. These vessels are the result of Damen’s ongoing investment in reducing energy consumption and improving environmental performance.

General Cargo

Specially designed for sea and river Combi Coaster 2750

Combi Coaster

Our Combi Coaster is ideal for coastal and river operations. It’s fully optimised to maximise fuel efficiency.

Damen Combi Freighter 9200

Combi Freighters

These versatile multi-purpose cargo vessels are designed to carry numerous different types of cargo in line with today’s diversified markets. Key to Damen’s design approach is the development of vessels that are fuel efficient and so economical to operate and additionally generate a small environmental footprint.

Oil & Gas

The design of the cargo system is the product of advice and input received from experienced operators of our vessels


Damen Tankers are highly flexible vessels, able to transport many different types of cargo.

Damen Liquefied Gas Carrier 7500

Liquefied Gas Carriers

Our range of liquified gas carriers is designed to meet the increasing demand for LNG, Ethylene and LPG. They are also available for LNG bunkering operations.

Offshore Logistic

Damen Offshore Carrier

Offshore Carriers

Our Offshore Carriers can execute diverse offshore installation jobs such as cable laying, subsea or floatover installations.

Offshore applications call for stability whether the vessel is open top or has hatch covers

Offshore Freighters

Damen’s Offshore Freighters offer modern offshore logistics that meet the needs of today’s shipping market to ensure maximum flexibility for year-round utilisation.


Damen Stan Tug 2608

Stan Tugs

Damen’s Stan Tugs are multi-functional, standardised vessels that can be customised to meet our customers’ exact specifications.

The Damen Shoalbusters are versatile, multi-purpose vessels for harbour, inland and coastal waters.


Damen Shoalbusters are fit for operations in inland, coastal and harbour waters.


Stan Pontoons

Damen Stan Pontoons are the perfect solution for extra floating storage and work space. We have various size, propulsion and mooring options to match your needs.

The Bunker Barge is designed for the transport of bulk liquids and can provide exceptional flexibility and independence through its various pre-designed options.


These highly versatile vessels have numerous plug & play options. They can be found across a wide range of activities and industries.