Ultra-high-speed professional workboats


Successful, cost-effective missions

Exceptional manoeuvrability

Damen Interceptors are a specialised type of craft, designed for ultra-high-speed interception and insertion missions, while also being capable and effective in a medium-speed patrolling role. Robust and reliable, all Interceptors can also be fitted with a secure communication suite.

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Comfort in extreme conditions

Unbeatable seakeeping for any mission

This is the ultimate Interceptor, combining ultra-high-speed with unsurpassed seakeeping, high crew comfort and extreme manoeuvrability to enable the crew to execute even the most challenging mission. As the vessel is designed for difficult situations, we have also paid close attention to the ergonomics on board.

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Speeds of up to 55 knots

The Damen Interceptors are recognised as being a no nonsense, reliable and safe platform. Speeds of around 55 knots can be achieved through the use of composite materials and a smart design of the hull structure.

Sustained speed in waves

Speed is the most obvious criterion for an Interceptor. However, speed on flat water is not of the highest importance, what counts is speed that can be maintained in waves. Speed has to go hand in hand with a robust structure and capable propulsion in order to ensure reliability and avoid high maintenance costs.

Extreme manoeuvrability

Manoeuvrability is crucial as often the targets being chased down are very agile, such as small open boats with outboard engines. Our Interceptors have the ability to execute extreme turns at top speeds and a prismatic hull means that there is no danger of spinouts occurring.

Attention to crew comfort

Given the extreme challenges they face, the crew has to be comfortable. We have thought carefully about the ergonomics, and the location of the crew, console and layout are designed for the demanding circumstances of high-speed chasing. All Interceptors are equipped with shock-mitigating saddle seats.

Safe and fast

When using the Damen Stan Patrol vessel’s integrated stern slipway or davit systems the Interceptors are launched and recovered quickly and safely, even in higher sea states. With a robust design and reliable equipment Damen ensures that the boats can fulfil their missions successfully and cost-effectively.

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Build your own Interceptor 1503 FRP

Embodying a high speed of up to 55 knots, unsurpassed seakeeping behaviour and extreme manoeuvrability, a Damen Interceptor 1503 FRP is ready for duty!


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Our Interceptors offer unbeatable seakeeping abilities, impressive speeds and long range capabilities. But as well as these advantages, customers benefit from predictable lifecycle costs. Damen is also happy to help customers build their own vessel locally, with a range of tailored packages available.

Local building

We deliver packages including licensing, vessel design, full materials supply to turnkey solutions.

Product Life User Support

We keep your assets operational, available and relevant, while you benefit from predictable lifecycle costs.


We aim to continually improve our products and production methods so we can reduce our environmental impact.