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Multi-Purpose Combat Ship F126

SOV 9020 Bibby Wavemaster Horizon

3D Scanning


Aftertreatment (Models)


AHTS (Models)

Air Defence and Command Frigates

Anchor Handling Tug Supplier 120

Anchor Handling Tug Supplier 150

Anchor Handling Tug Supplier 180

Anchor Handling Tug Supplier 200

Anchor Handling Tug Supplier 75

Antarctic Supply Research Vessel

ART 80-32

ASD Tug 2111

ASD Tug 2312

ASD Tug 2609 ICE

ASD Tug 2811

ASD Tug 2813

ASD Tug 2813 Electric

ASD Tug 3010 ICE

ASD Tug 3212

ASD Tug 3413 ICE

ASD Tugs

ASD Tugs (Models)

ASRV Nuyina

Auxiliaries Ships



Beam Trawler 3808

Beam trawlers

Beam trawlers (Models)

Booster Stations

Booster Stations (Models)







BWT (Models)


Catalogue Overview

Chemical injection

Chemical injection

City ferries

City ferries (Models)

Civil works

Civil works (Models)

Combat Support Ship Den Helder

Combat Support Ship Den Helder

Crane Barge 4518

Crane Barge 8025

Crane Barge 8025 IB 429

Crane Barges

Crane Barges (Models)

Creating a sustainable maritime world


Crossovers (Models)


CSD (Models)





CSD650 -18m

CSD650 -25m

Custom Built

Custom Built (Models)

Custom Built Combatants

Custom Built Combatants (Models)

Custom Built Landing Platform Dock

Custom Built Landing Platform Dock (Models)

Custom Built Pontoons and Barges

Custom Built Pontoons and Barges (Models)

Custom Built Support Ships

Custom Built Support Ships (Models)

Cutting compacted sand

DCSD500 Deep cutter suction dredger

DD Power dams

DD250 “Argentina”

Deep dredging

Deeper dredging

Defence and Security

demo Family


DOC (Models)

DOC 7500 CLV Nexus

DOC 8500 CLV Maersk Connector


DOP Dredgers

DOP Dredgers (Models)








E-BS500 Electric Booster Station

ECSD650 Long Live Egypt

Electric Tugs

Electric Tugs (Models)



Emergency Towage Vessel 8116

Enabling versatility


Enforcers (Models)



ERV (Models)

ESB 1704

ESB 1704

Escape Gear Ship 8316

Family (Models)

Fast Crew Supplier 1204 FRP

Fast Crew Supplier 1605 FRP

Fast Crew Supplier 1905

Fast Crew Supplier 2206

Fast Crew Supplier 2710

Fast Crew Supplier 3307

Fast Crew Supplier 3307 Patrol

Fast Crew Supplier 3410

Fast Crew Supplier 4008

Fast Crew Supplier 4008 Patrol

Fast Crew Supplier 4208

Fast Crew Supplier 4208 Patrol

Fast Crew Supplier 5009

Fast Crew Supplier 5009 Patrol

Fast Crew Supplier 5009 SAR

Fast Crew Supplier 7011

Fast Ferries

Fast Ferries (Models)

Fast Ferry 4212

Fast Passenger Car family

Fast Passenger Car family (Models)

Fast RoPax Ferries

FBS500 Floating Booster Station


FCS (Models)


Ferry 1806

Ferry 2306 E3


Floating drydocks

Floating storage unit 13000

Floating Storage Unit LPG 21000



Hydraulically driven DOP Dredge Pumps

Hydraulically driven DOP Dredge Pumps (Models)

Hydrographic Survey Vessel 6613

Hydrographic Survey Vessel RNLN

Hydrographic Survey Vessels

Hydrographic Survey Vessels (Models)

ICE Class Tugs

ICE Class Tugs (Models)


Inshore Patrol/Stan Patrol Vessels

Inshore Patrol/Stan Patrol Vessels (Models)

Interceptor 1102 FRP

Interceptor 1503 FRP

Interceptor 3007


Interceptors (Models)



InvaSave (Models)

Joint Support Ship Karel Doorman

Landing Crafts

Landing Crafts (Models)

Landing Crafts draft

Landing Crafts draft (Models)

Landing Platform Dock Enforcer 10000

Landing Platform Dock Enforcer 11000

Landing Platform Dock Enforcer 13000

Landing Platform Dock Enforcer 7000

Landing Platform Dock Enforcer 8000

Landing Platform Dock Enforcer 9000

Landing Ship Logistic LSL 80

Landing Ship Logistic LSL 90

Landing Ships

Landing Ships (Models)

Landing Ships draft

Landing Ships draft (Models)

Landing ShipTransport LST 100

Landing ShipTransport LST 100

Landing ShipTransport LST 120

Landing ShipTransport LST 120

Landing ShipTransport LST120H

Landing ShipTransport LST120H

Landing Utility Vessel 1908

LCU 3607

LCU 3607

LCVP 1604

LCVP 1604



MAD (Models)

MAD 3500

MAD 5600

Model card 1

Model card 1

Model card 2

Model card 2

Model card 3

Model card 3

Model card 4

Model card 4

Model card 5

Model card 5

Modular Ferries

Modular Ferries (Models)

Modular Ferry 2010

Modular Ferry 2412

Modular Ferry 3012

Modular Ferry 3610

Modular Ferry 3612

Modular Ferry 3710

Modular Jetties

Modular Jetties (Models)

Modular Jetty 2005

Modular Jetty 4802

Modular Jetty 6005

Modular Jetty 7505

Modular Multi Cat 1205

Modular Multi Cat 1805

Modular Multi Cat 1807

Modular Multi Cat 2210

Modular Multi Cats

Modular Multi Cats (Models)

Modular Pontoon 1212

Modular Pontoon 1810

Modular Pontoon 2212

Modular Pontoon 2407

Modular Pontoon 2415

Modular Pontoon 3015

Modular Pontoon 3617

Modular Pontoons

Modular Pontoons (Models)

Modular Solar Powered Ferry 2409

Multi Cat 1004

Multi Cat 1205

Multi Cat 1506

Multi Cat 1908

Multi Cat 1908 SD

Multi Cat 2309

Multi Cat 2712

Multi Cat 3013

Multi Cat 3713

Multi Role Auxiliary

Multi Role Auxiliary (Models)

Multi Role Auxiliary Vessel 1600

Multi Role Auxiliary Vessel 3600

Multi Role Auxiliary Vessel 660

Multi-Role Aviation Training Vessel 2300

Multibuster 8020


Multibusters (Models)


Multicats (Models)

NOx Reduction system


Offshore Carrier Range

Offshore Patrol Vessel 1000

Offshore Patrol Vessel 1400

Offshore Patrol Vessel 1800

Offshore Patrol Vessel 2200

Offshore Patrol Vessel 2400

Offshore Patrol Vessel 2500

Oil Spill Response Vessel 1050

Onboard UV and Filter

Onboard UV and Filter


OPV (Models)

Platform based approach

Platform Supply Vessel 1600

Platform Supply Vessel 2500

Platform Supply Vessel 3300 CD

Platform Supply Vessel 4000 CD

Platform Supply Vessel 5000 CD

Platform Supply Vessel 6000 CD

Pollution Control Vessel 8313


Pontoons (Models)



PSV (Models)

PSV 5000 Paul A. Sacuta

Razor Shell Dredger 4309


Renewables Service Vessel 3315 DP2

Rescue Gear Ship 9316


RHIB 1050

RHIB 1125

RHIB 1200

RHIB 750

RHIB 850

RHIB 975


RHIBs (Models)

Road Ferries

Road Ferries (Models)

Road Ferry 6819 E3

Road Ferry 8117 E3

Road Ferry 9819 E3

RoPax Ferries

RoPax Ferries (Models)

RoPax Ferry 6716

RoPax Ferry 7015

RoPax Ferry 8017

Rotor Tugs

Rotor Tugs (Models)

RSD Tug 2513

RSD Tug 2513 Electric

RSD Tug 2513 Electric

RSD Tugs

RSD Tugs (Models)

RSD WID Tug 2915 Fregate


Safety Standby Vessel 4711

Sail Training Vessel 2630

Sail Training Vessel 3000

Sail Training Vessel 3500

Sail Training Vessels

Sail Training Vessels (Models)


SAR (Models)

Search and Rescue Vessel 1605 FRP

Search and Rescue Vessel 1800

Search and Rescue Vessel 1906

Search and Rescue Vessel 2500

Search and Rescue Vessel 4000

Search and Rescue Vessel 4207

Search and Rescue Vessel 5009

Shellfish Dredgers

Shellfish Dredgers (Models)


Shoalbuster (Models)

Shoalbuster 2308

Shoalbuster 2609

Shoalbuster 2709 ICE

Shoalbuster 2711

Shoalbuster 3209

Shoalbuster 3311

Shoalbuster 3612

Shoalbuster 3815 SD


SIGMA (Models)

SIGMA 9813 Corvette Light Frigate

SIGMA Corvette 9113

SIGMA Fast Combatant 6110

SIGMA Fast Combatant 7311

SIGMA Light Frigate 10513

SIGMA Multi Mission Frigate 10514

SIGMA Multi Mission Frigate 11515

SIGMA Multi Mission Frigate 12516


SOV (Models)

SOV 5717 Walk-to-Work Vessel

SOV 7017 Walk-to-Work Vessel

SOV 8417 Walk-to-Work Vessel

SOV 9020 Bibby Wavemaster 1

SOV 9020 Walk-to-Work Vessel

Stan Patrol 1605 FRP

Stan Patrol 1905

Stan Patrol 2205 FRP

Stan Patrol 3007

Stan Patrol 4207

Stan Patrol 5009

Stan Patrol 5509

Stan Patrol 6211

Stan Pilot

Stan Pilot (Models)

Stan Pilot 1505 FRP

Stan Pilot 1605 FRP Propeller

Stan Pilot 1605 FRP Waterjet

Stan Pilot 1905

Stan Pilot 2205 FRP

Stan Pontoon B11

Stan Pontoon B13

Stan Pontoon B16

Stan Pontoon B20

Stan Pontoon B24

Stan Pontoon B32

Stan Pontoon B36

Stan Tender

Stan Tender (Models)

Stan Tender 1504

Stan Tender 1905

Stan Tug 1606

Stan Tug 1907

Stan Tugs

Stan Tugs (Models)

Stanlander 4011

Stanlander 5612

Stanlander 5612

Stanlander 5912

Submarine Rescue Vessels

Submarine Rescue Vessels (Models)


Test page

Training Vessels

Training Vessels (Models)

Transshipment Crane Barge 6324

Transshipment Crane Barge 6324 Harvest Danube


TSHD (Models)

TSHD 1000 Port and Maintenance

TSHD 1500 Port and Maintenance

TSHD 2000 Multi Purpose

TSHD 2000 Port and Maintenance

TSHD 2500 Barito Equator

TSHD 2500 Port and Maintenance

TSHD 3000 Multi Purpose

TSHD 4000 Multi Purpose

TSHD 5000 Multi Purpose

TSHD 650 Port and Maintenance

TSHD 650 Tommy Norton


Twinrigger Flyshooter 3209


Twinriggers (Models)

Unlimited mining tool

Utility Vessel 2510

Utility Vessel 3911

Utility Vessel 4312

Utility Vessel 5514

Utility Vessel 6516


UV (Models)

UV 3911 Jamaica III

UV 4312 Volt Processor

Walrus class submarine

Water Injection Dredger Milouin


WID (Models)

WID 500

WID 600


Workhorses of the harbour

XO 115 S

XO 123 SF

XO 131 A

XO 131 C

XO 131 L

XO 139 FC

Zr.Ms. Johan de Wit

Zr.Ms. Rotterdam


insights center

A digital and sustainable future for dredging services, equipment and vessels

A model for sustainability and innovation

ADNOC Logistics and Services acquires six line boats from Albwardy Damen as ADNOC boosts in-country value

Albwardy Damen recognised as Best New Building Yard at ShipTek Awards 2021

Ambitious goals for sustainable shipping


Atlantique Maritime Services buys a Damen FCS 2610 to serve the growing French offshore wind market

Australian company Transhipment Services Australia orders Damen Transshipment Crane Barge for handling capesize vessels

Autonomous sailing ≠ unmanned ships

Batteries included: Damen reaches major milestone in fully-electric tug project

Bringing the ocean to the world

Building a sustainable maritime capability in South Africa

Climate Investor Two joins Damen to fight invasive species in ballast water

Combi Lift returns to Damen for its new 111-metre Damen Stan Pontoon 11226 RD mega-barge

Concordia Damen held naming ceremony for twin inland container vessels for Den Bosch Max BV

Concordia Damen launches A-Rosa’s next-generation ‘E-Motion’ river cruise ship

Concordia Damen launches BesteVaer Capital Fund

Concordia Damen signs historic contract with Lenten Scheepvaart for first ever inland hydrogen vessel

Damen & Conrad Shipyard enter license agreement to build first us Multi Cats for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock

Damen & Gebhard are celebrating a milestone moment

Damen and Hydromaster develop new ferry thruster for Blue Amigo

Damen and Purus Marine team up to finance maritime energy transition

Damen assigns classification of the F126 to DNV

Damen assigns responsibility for f126 air-conditioning systems to ENGIE Axima Germany

Damen awarded contract by Engage Marine for three ASD Tugs 3212

Damen completes work on German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) diving bell ship

Damen contracted to deliver cutter suction dredger to T&C in Paraguay

Damen contracts Hamburg Ship Model Basin for new frigate tests

Damen CSD500 Yantra named in Bulgaria

Damen delivers FCS 1605 to Allseas ‘Pioneering Spirit’

Damen delivers Multi Cat to Leask Marine in record time

Damen delivers new LUV 1908 aquaculture support vessel to Organic Sea Harvest

Damen delivers RSD Tug 2513 to Tug Malta

Damen delivers two electrical booster stations to Johann Bunte Bauunternehmung

Damen delivers two FCS 2710 vessels to Hung Hua Construction Co

Damen delivers two Multi Cats to Brabo in Antwerp

Damen delivers two RSD Tugs 2513 to TSM

Damen expands Hopper Dredger portfolio

Damen forms alliance with Sea Machines Robotics

Damen Group subsidiaries join forces for race to get P and O Ferries Pride of Canterbury back to work

Damen launches Crane Barge in Yichang

Damen launches division Financial Services

Damen launches FCS 7011

Damen launches RoPax 6716 for the Port Authority of Timor-Leste

Damen launches the ‘Multibuster 8020’

Damen Maaskant reaches milestone in Rederij Long Ships trawler construction

Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam delivers Beam Trawler to Rederij Long Ships

Damen Maaskant Shipyards Stellendam outfitting Rederij Devan’s new beam trawler

Damen Marine Components awarded contract to provide rudders and steering gear for Navantia

Damen Marine Components delivers high-lift rudders for ten Arklow vessels

Damen Marine Components: flex tunnels, three nozzles and three manoeuvring systems with seven rudders for new tanker for STOLT and BASF

Damen Naval invests in new cutting machine

Damen Naval securing our seas

Damen opens UK Service Hub

Damen order book doubled

Damen Services to fit VEEM Gyrostabiliser to Naviera Integral FCS 5009

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam readies HNLMS Evertsen for voyage to Japan

Damen Shiprepair and Conversion carries out maintenance and repair to seven CMA CGM vessels

Damen Shipyards Antalya marks World Environment Day

Damen Shipyards Cape Town donates 4,000 care packages to frontline workers at Groote Schuur Hospital

Damen Shipyards Cape Town holds blessing ceremony for first IPV

Damen Shipyards Cape Town launches SA Navy’s first Multi-Mission Inshore Patrol Vessel

Damen Shipyards Den Helder completes maintenance and modernisation of HNLMS 'Snellius'

Damen Shipyards Galati lays keel of Combat Support Ship

Damen Shipyards Group strengthens executive board

Damen Shipyards Group wins inaugural IDC Future of Digital Innovation Award

Damen signs with Fairplay Towage for IMO Tier III certified Shoalbuster 2711

Damen signs with Groote Eylandt Mining Company for ASD Tug 2312

Damen signs with Ports of Jersey for Shoalbuster 2711

Damen signs with South Port New Zealand for ATD 2412

Damen signs with Svitzer for ASD Tug 3212

Damen teams up with MO4 to support sustainable energy production offshore

Damen Trading signs contract with GPS Marine for Stan Pontoon 6316

Damen’s all-electric Ferry 2306 E3 nominated for the 2021 KNVTS Ship of the Year Award

Damen’s revolutionary Fast Crew Supplier FCS 7011 completes sea trials and heads to the Netherlands

De Beers’ latest diamond recovery vessel departs Damen Shipyards Mangalia for Southern Africa

De Klerk takes delivery of two Damen Stan Pontoon

Developing zero-emissions harbour towage capabilities

Dredging - Delivering productivity and sustainability in an era of rising demand

Estonia’s Elenger takes delivery of first Damen LGC 6000 LNG bunkering vessel

Expeditionary Survey Boat Hydrograaf named at Damen Shipyards Den Helder

Facilitating collaborative commonality in the Caribbean with patrol boats

First of 40 Concordia Damen inland waterway tankers launched

First of new Damen Shoalbuster 3514 SD DP2 class named in ceremony at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld

Fratelli Neri holds naming ceremony for three Damen RSD Tugs 2513

Getting Damen Shipyards Group fit for the future in the maritime century


MKS-180: European naval cooperation starts in Germany

My favourite vessel

New Dutch Ambassador to Bangladesh visits Damen’s Global Dredging Headquarters

New management team at Damen Shiprepair & Conversion

New managing director for Damen Marine Components

New subs


Next generation

NIBC and Damen extend lease partnership

North Americas first all electric car ferries depart Damen for Ontario

Opus Marine names Damen FCS 2710 in Cuxhaven

Port Authority of Jamaica’s new Damen Utility Vessel 3911 arrives

Reorganization of activity at the Damen Mangalia Shipyard

ST Marine Support. From a childhood dream to reality.

Sullom Voe Harbour Authority taking advantage of the second-hand tug market.

Sustainable shipping: On our way to nothing

The Damen DNA

The Great Lakes Towing Company names latest Damen Stan Tug 1907 Ice Harbour Tugs

The low carbon economy is coming

The most advanced polar research vessel in the world departs Damen Shipyards for Australia

The science of superyachting

The story behind the Maersk Connector’s planned beaching

Thinking big at Damen Shipyards Mangalia

Underwater sound reduction

Using local services to build world-class ships

VOC Amsterdam back at National Maritime Museum following maintenance at Damen yards

Working at Damen

Your questions answered: the German diving bell vessel

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