Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Assisting clients to adapt to BWT rules

Ballast Water Treatment Systems

One-stop shop solutions

Taking care of bottle-necks

With thousands of vessels needing to comply with ballast water regulations, the market will face practical bottlenecks. How will you deal with equipment supply, the engineering capacity, availability of (yard) facilities, class capacity and other related issues? How can you guarantee a one-time right solution?  At Damen you will find one-stop shop solutions for the retrofit market. Our clients ask for compliant operation and life-cycle support - so that's what we deliver.

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Installation of the system

Worldwide solutions

Our wide range of ballast water treatment systems comply with IMO Regulations and are suited to all situations on ships of all sizes. Installation of a ballast water treatment system can be done at one of our Damen shipyards conveniently located worldwide. We can also install or supervise at a location of your choice or even during operations.

Onboard Ballast Water Treatment System

Small compact systems

The compact system is ideal for ships with small and High flowrates of ballast water. The system is IMO & USCG compliant and makes use of high-end UV technology. Due to the compact nature of the system it is also cost efficient.


Safe, containerised system

The BalCon maintains ballast water safety on Tankers and offers a great solution for vessels without any space in their machine rooms. The system is classified for special circumstances and can be installed on top of hazardous tankers. The systems are built according to IMO & USCG and the UV lamps in the system deal with any invasive species.

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Turnkey Solution

The Turnkey solution from Damen gives the customer the possibility of choosing their own product that can be retrofitted into a ship. Together with this product Damen offers to assist during the whole process, from the survey until the installation. Damen takes care.

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Your maritime solutions partner

Buying a system from Damen is so much more than just ‘getting a new product’. It includes a variety of financing possibilities. It’s about choosing where you want your vessel built. Plus, our service continues throughout your ship’s entire lifecycle.

Tailored lifecycle support

Whatever maritime sector you work in, Damen Services is there for you 24/7. Always on standby.

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Built at the location of your choice

You don’t have to build a Damen vessel at a Damen yard. We can support construction at any yard in the world.

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Level-headed financing solutions

We provide a wide range of financing arrangements for all types of Damen vessels, equipment and products.

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