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Quality as standard

Standardised, serial construction proves beneficial

As our industry focuses on improving its environmental and digital performance, at Damen we once again look to our philosophy of standardised shipbuilding for the answers. With the move towards increased sustainability and connectivity, serial construction is only growing in relevance. It’s not efficient to optimise ever single ship to meet these requirements. The answer lies in developing proven solutions and applying them, over and over again, in support of a clean and prosperous future.

Damen Song Cam Shipyard is born

It is 2011 and Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) has arrived in Vietnam. Looking for a local yard to produce tug hulls, DTC began a collaboration with the Song Cam Shipyard. The relationship between the two developed well and in 2013, this led to the opening of a joint venture yard for the outfitting of tugs. Located on the banks of the River Cam and occupying a 43-hectare site close to the city of Haiphong, the Damen Song Cam Shipyard was born.

From five to 32 vessels in just two years

The partners were aiming at the creation of a facility that brought the Damen philosophy of standardisation to life. One that could produce proven, standard vessels, up to 60 metres long, with as much efficiency as possible. The focus on quality and efficiency was quick to pay off. In 2014, the yard delivered five vessels. The following year this had risen to 15 and by 2016, no less than 32 vessels were rolling out of the production hall.

Swift delivery times of quality assets

Today, the Damen Song Cam Shipyard is able to deliver no less than 40 tugs per year. This impressive rate of production stands as a testimony to our strategy of standardisation. The commonality of the vessels, tools and processes, enables the yard to function as a ‘production line’. The result is proven workboats, built to the highest possible standards. This also leads to the swift delivery of assets guaranteed to meet our customers’ requirements.

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