For retrofits and newbuilds

Degassing installations

Degassing installations

Dredge process improvement

Whether you are building a brand-new trailing suction hopper dredger, or giving your hopper dredge an upgrade, there is a degassing system that fits. The customised system will improve the dredging efficiency during maintenance dredging operations in ponds, lakes and rivers with organic content in the silt layer.

Enhance your dredging efficiency

Fit for purpose degassing system

During trailing dredging, the drag head is swept over the bottom of a river, lake or navigation channel. Should the dredging operation take place at a spot where plenty of organic matter has had time to decay, the sediment will contain gas. This gas in then trapped by the drag head in the dredging system. Yet, a centrifugal dredge pump does not handle gas well. To optimise TSHD dredging operations a degassing system can be installed. Damen offers customised degassing systems, designed and manufactured in-house, made to boost your operational efficiency.

Dimensions follow required capacity

For all hopper dredgers, great and small

Modular design

Practical installation

Controlled mixture transport

Optimised maintenance dredging operations

During maintenance dredging, silt is pumped into the hopper hold in the highest possible mixture concentration. The presence of gas prevents an effective dredging process. Hence, it should be removed. Exactly that is what a degassing system does: removing the gas from the mixture, boosting the dredge pump and the overall dredging efficiency.

Easy operation

The degassing system is easy to operate. The fully automised system can simply be switched on and off by the dredge master. The degassing system will automatically adapt to the varying amount of gas present in the dredged mixture.

Reliable maintenance dredging

With gas no longer present in the dredged mixture, the dredging process will be more even. As a result the dredge operations can be planned better, and tight schedules can be met. Removing the gas from the bottom sediment will improve the overall reliability of your dredging operations.


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Customised Dredging Systems

Your partner in dredging

Dredging requires more than just shipping a dredge valve or drag head. It requires more gear such as dredge instrumentation to optimise the job. Moreover it requires crew training and project management to bring the works to a successful conclusion. Damen can assist you during the full lifecycle of your dredger.

Dredge package

For a retrofit or newbuild, first class dredging components will allow you to do your dredge job in the most efficient way. We supply a wide array of dredging systems ranging from single components to complete stand alone degassing systems.

Getting started

As well as shipping the degassing system to your yard, we can also send over our Field Service Engineer to assist the crew with installation and start-up. This will shorten the installation time, and give an opportunity for crew training.

Lifecycle support

For spares, repairs, alterations or additions to your dredge systems, our Service team is available 24/7.