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How to prepare your DOP dredge pump system

Ordering a Damen DOP pump is an excellent start to your dredging project. Yet, it is not all there is to be done. Most DOP dredge pumps are stock items and can be delivered at short notice. We recommend that you make optimal use of this short lead time to prepare your dredging equipment setup, as well as your job site. And once your DOP dredge pump is mining sand or cleaning out a pond, keep it in excellent condition to maximise its contribution to your project’s success. The daily maintenance checks explained below are a first-class start.

Turn your excavator into a dredger

Most DOP dredge pumps are connected to excavators. There are two possible mounting methods: a flexible connection and a fixed connection. With the flexible connection, a chain spread is used between the hoisting lugs on the DOP’s casings top rim and the excavator boom. The fixed connection is required when using a cutter unit or auger unit. It requires a top plate, which Damen has in stock, and this can be delivered with your dredging pump. Excavator-specific counter coupling parts have to be welded to this top plate when your Damen pump arrives.

Power your dredge pump

The hydraulic drive of the dredge pump can be arranged in two ways. Either the excavator itself supplies power through a PTO in which case it is likely that minor software adaptations are required, or another possibility is adding a separate diesel hydraulic power pack to drive both the submersed dredge pump and its suction head. E-driven DOP dredging pumps are usually powered by the local grid.

Prepare the hydraulic drive

The hydraulic drive of your submersible dredge pump is fitted out with three connections: Pressure, Return and Leak. Each connection has Snap-Tite quick couplings, including the counter coupling you will need for the hoses which bridge the distance to the power pack or excavator. Make sure the hoses are of a sufficient length with room to manoeuvre, and that they are fixed together, flushed and filled. Everything can be prepared before the arrival of your off-the-shelf DOP dredge package!

Arrange the discharge side

The continuous flow of dredged mixture will have to be delivered to a specific location such as a settlement area. To reach this spot, flexible hoses and other dredge discharge piping will be required. It is vital that the discharge line will be able to follow the dredge pumps’ manoeuvring, and that the first part remains afloat. Depending on the dredge project layout, deaerator valves, floating pipeline or a batch of HDPE dredge discharge piping may be required. Most of the piping can be installed before the DOP sand pump is on location.

Constant jet water supply

A constant supply of jet water will boost the production of a sand mining head or leveller head. This pressurised water can be delivered by a diesel driven water pump unit, known as a jet pack. This self-sufficient unit will be located on the job site near the excavator, using flexible hoses for the water supply. These water hoses also need to follow the movements of the full DOP dredge pump.

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We know that each job is different, and that each job needs a different approach. With our array of dredging equipment and wealth of experience we can provide advice about the best tool for your job.

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The successful execution of a project involves a lot of equipment. We not only deliver dredge pumps, but also auxiliaries such as power packs, jet pump packs and discharge pipelines – a complete fit-for-purpose dredge package.

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Dredging is a tough job; it involves a lot of wear and tear. Our Service Team is at your disposal to ensure your DOP pump is in perfect shape.

Starting up your DOP dredge pump?

If you need help to get your DOP dredge pump up and running or any assistance regarding its maintenance, don’t hesitate to get in touch.