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Turnkey DOP dredge package matching your dredge job

When you have chosen the right sized DOP dredge pump and the required suction head for your dredge job, you have made a brilliant start. Then, it is good to review what additional equipment is needed for a swift project start-up. This equipment could include the jet water supply to your mining head, or the power source of your DOP dredge pump. For these requirements - and many more – an all-encompassing, customised dredge package can be compiled for you. This ensures that your dredge project will have a flying start!

The basics: your DOP pump and its suction head

  • The compact DOP submersible dredge pump

    Designed over 30 years ago, this compact and versatile dredge pump is ideal for use as a heavy-duty slurry pump. To be used under water, it can tackle an array of dredging jobs. The submersed dredge is available in six sizes and you can choose the pipe diameter, capacity, sphere passage and excavator limitations which best fit your job. [weight, hydraulics]. The dredge pump is directly driven by a hydraulic or electrical motor.

  • Flexibility through exchangeable suction heads

    The versatility of the Damen DOP pump is obvious from the four easily exchangeable suction heads. With a sand mining head it can be used as mining equipment and with a cutter head the DOP dredge pump can be deployed for compacted soils – and so on. The DOP pump’s multifunctional ability results in a cost-effective slurry pump.

Safe hoisting arrangements

  • Flexible, fast and easy

    Using a chain spread between the sturdy pump casing and the boom, it is very easy to mount the pump on an excavator. The flexible excavator connection is used for the sand mining dredge head and the leveller head, which is used for barge unloading and levelling building pits.

  • Fixed to the boom

    When using a cutter head or an auger head, a fixed connection to the excavator’s boom is required. The operator needs to arrange the counter couplings and Damen can supply a top plate on the dredge pump casing for a mounting plate.

  • Workboat transforms into a dredger

    A workboat can be turned into a dredger when the DOP dredge pump is added. It will need a dedicated A-frame with a winch for practical handling.

Optimal power supply

  • Your excavator as a power supply

    If your excavator can handle the weight of your DOP, it is likely that the excavator’s hydraulic drive can supply sufficient power to drive it. Use a PTO and switch off the load sensing feature and you are ready to go!

  • Connect to a power pack

    Damen offers separate diesel-hydraulic power packs which are designed to supply the power to your DOP dredge pump and its suction head. The power pack can be mounted on your excavator, or ashore near the excavator, or on a pontoon.

  • Hydraulic hose connections

    Hydraulic hoses fitted out with quick couplings on both ends connect the DOP submersible dredge pump to the power pack. Make sure to arrange hydraulic hoses of sufficient length for the excavator’s boom, and do not forget the hydraulic hoses for the exchangeable suction heads such as the cutter unit or auger head.

  • Electric drive

    An electrically driven Damen dredge pump can also be delivered. This electric motor can be powered by a vessel, a genset or the local grid, depending on the DOP dredge pump’s location.

Discharge hoses and piping

  • Dredged mixture discharge hoses

    The dredged slurry is transported by the DOP pump through flexible hoses to the surface. This flexibility is required to optimise the manoeuvring with the dredge pump unit. The hose diameter reflects the dredge pump’s discharge diameter.

  • Floats on flexible slurry discharge

    To bridge the distance between the DOP dredge pump and the shore, a floating pipeline will be required. These floats can be clamped on either flexible or HDPE discharge piping. They are all delivered as a complete set.

  • To the spoil field

    The dredged slurry has to be transported over a certain distance. For this, HDPE or steel piping can be used, both afloat and on land. Damen can swiftly supply containerloads of discharge piping.

Boost your production

  • Jet water supply hoses

    Dredged mixture production is boosted when supplying pressurised jet water to a sand mining dredge head and a leveller head. Jet water is supplied to the suction head using flexible hoses, which are long enough to follow the dredge pump’s movement.

  • Jet water pack

    A Damen jet pack can be supplied with the DOP slurry pump. The unit consists of a diesel-driven jet water pump in a practical housing. The jet pack can be placed near the DOP pump and is connected to the suction head using flexible hoses. All of the required dredging equipment can be supplied in one dredge package delivery.

Know what you are doing

  • Dredge pump performance monitoring

    As the DOP sand pump is meant to be submersed - therefore hidden – it is vital to keep an eye on the dredge pump’s performance. Therefore, the DOP can be fitted out with a revolution counter on the bearing housing, and with a pressure indicator on the discharge pipe. The read-out is available in the operator’s cabin.

  • DOP pump production monitoring

    A good process overview is ensured when using a density meter and velocity meter in the dredge pipe. Two separate units, built in one housing, allow the operator to boost the dredging performance, maximising dredging efficiency. The read-out is available in the operator’s cabin.

  • Dredging depth indication

    With no DOP sand pump in view, it is hard to be certain about its mining depth unless you add a depth indicator to your DOP pump. The sensor, safely mounted in the robust steel casing, enables the operator to dredge up to the required chart depth. The read-out is available in the operator’s cabin.

Start-up assistance & training

  • Our Field Service Engineers are at your service

    When the dredge package including the DOP dredge pump, hoses, the drive, jet pack and much more arrives at your jobsite, you may want to have some assistance. Our Field Service Engineers are ready to facilitate a quick start-up.

  • A well trained crew

    Training on the job will ensure that your dredge operation will run smoothly throughout the dredge project. Damen can arrange for a Field Service Engineer to instruct your crew on the use of the sand pump, its maintenance and on the general project set-up.

What will your dredge package be composed of?

Contact us to discuss what equipment you will need for a turnkey start to your dredge job.