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Relentless wear and tear

Hopper dredger equipment renewal

Dredging is about transporting a mixture of silt, sand and gravel. Together these abrasive materials have a huge impact on the dredging systems on board. All dredging components in contact with this dredged mixture are subject to constant wear and tear. As a result, they need replacement.

Dredging components replacement

Practical exchange of dredging components

A hopper dredger, as any dredger, needs continuous maintenance. Dredging activities result in a gradual yet constant degradation of all dredging gear in contact with the abrasive dredged mixture. As a result, dredging components are replaced often. Damen has a complete range of dredging components available for component replacement.

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Modular designed dredging components

Dredge systems maintenance

Replacing dredging components

To ensure the reliability of a hopper dredgers operation, maintenance activities are vital. These will result in the exchange of hopper dredger loading gear such as dredge valves, overflows, jet water monitors, jet nozzles and much more.

Telescopic overflows

Telescopic overflows are installed to ensure transport water is removed from the hopper hold efficiently. After years of service, they may need replacement. Damen offers a full range overflows following your dredge pump capacity and hopper length. Please share your requirements including stroke and diameter.

Jet water monitors

A hopper discharge operation can be enhanced by ensuring that the full load is discharged in the shortest possible time frame. The discharge process can be speeded up by directing a controlled water jet to areas where cargo remains. This job is easily done by a jet water monitor allowing both vertical and horizontal movement, simply controlled from the wheelhouse.

Bow coupling & rainbow nozzle

Discharging over the bow of a hopper dredger is a practical way to deposit a sand cargo where it should be delivered. A bow coupling unit with floating pipe line, a rainbow nozzle and a batch of dredge valve form a practical dredging package which will enable you to upgrade your hopper dredger, making it fit for land reclamation projects.


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Dredging successes

Our dredging equipment

Cutter Suction Dredger 500 "Lucio"

The CSD500 Lucio has started its working life on the maintenance dredging job in the Rio Salado, in the Argentinian Buenos Aires province.

TSHD 2000 "Yuri Maslyukov"

Damen delivered a design package plus the dredging equipment for a TSHD2000. The hopper dredger has been built by Onega Shipyard, Russia.

Trailing Pipe System 500 for "JOSE DUARTE"

A 500 mm trailing pipe, customised to work between -20 m and -40 m dredging depth, has been delivered to a Portuguese yard for a Portuguese contractor.

TSHD 2000 "Beloe More"

A Damen trailing Suction Hopper Dredger with a hopper capacity of 2.000 m3 has been delivered to ROSMORPORT. The hopper dredger has been fitted out with a 600 mm trailing pipe and will dredge at a max depth of -22 m.

Damen TSHD 650 "Tommy Norton" begins operations at Gippsland Lakes, Australia

The Tommy Norton, a Damen Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) 650 built at Damen Shipyards Yichang has been officially delivered to her proud owner, Gippsland Ports.

TSHD 1000 "Kadosh"

The locally built dredgers, as a series of three vessels, are fitted out with a 500 mm trailing pipe and a grab crane to perform maintenance dredging in basins and access channels at several ports.

TSHD 1000 "Kronshlot"

The locally built dredgers, as a series of three vessels, are fitted out with a 500 mm trailing pipe and a grab crane to perform maintenance dredging in basins and access channels at several ports.

Largest Damen hopper dredger delivered in Borneo to PFNM

The delivery in early May of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) Barito Equator demonstrates how Indonesia’s developing maritime industry is building ever more complex vessels.

Customised Dredging Systems

Your partner in dredging

Dredging requires more than just shipping a dredge valve or overflow. It requires more gear such as dredge pumps and instrumentation to optimise the job. Moreover it requires crew training and project management to bring the works to a successful conclusion. Damen can assist you during the full lifecycle of your dredger.

Dredge package

For a retrofit or newbuild, first class dredging components will allow you to do your dredge job in the most efficient way. We supply a wide array of dredging systems ranging from single components to complete trailing suction pipe packages.

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Getting started

As well as shipping the dredging components to your yard, we can also send over our Field Service Engineer to assist the crew with installation and start-up. This will shorten the installation time, and give an opportunity for crew training.

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Lifecycle support

For spares, repairs, alterations or additions to your dredge systems, our Service team is available 24/7.

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