As a family company we seek to develop relationships for the long-term with those who share our values of Stewardship, Fellowship, Craftsmanship and Entrepreneurship – locally, nationally and internationally. We believe these values pave the way for sustainability and a connected, healthy society, offering opportunity for prosperity. We look to connect to those who hold in common our passion and pride for perfection.

Damen’s sponsorship activity is intended to provide support for organisations, institutions and events that share our values and are connected with the work we do. All sponsorship undertaken by Damen is in accordance with our Business Integrity Policy and Anti-bribery & Corruption Policy. Any sponsorship arrangement we enter into must not, either directly or indirectly, finance religious institutions, pressure groups, political campaigns, parties or candidates.

Arnout Damen quote

“We have the ambition to be the world’s most sustainable shipbuilder. It is my firm belief that this begins at home. This is why we strive to be a good neighbour and give something back to the communities and environment in which we live and work, all around the world.”

Josien Damen quote

“Sponsorship provides us with the opportunity to form partnerships and long-term relationships with those who believe in the same values as Damen. Nederlands Dans Theater is one such example. What the dancers do may seem, at first glance, to be a long way from shipbuilding. But actually we have much in common. I see a shared pride in what we do, passionately striving for elegance. We have a shared commitment to quality and the composure required to pursue it. And a shared pride in delivering perfection.”

In our sponsoring we focus on five areas connected to our world

Disclaimer: The above relates to the sponsorship activity of Damen Shipyards Group at the time of writing. The Damen family may independently undertake sponsorship arrangements not subject to the information provided here.

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