Purpose, vision and mission

Our Purpose

Seventy percent of the earth is made up of water. Water connects worlds and allows us to discover. To trade. To provide help. To produce food and generate energy. To relax and enjoy. In order to ensure global prosperity for next generations and keep the earth habitable with an ever-increasing world population, it is essential that we use the water and the seabed as optimally, but also as responsibly, as possible. At Damen, we provide unprecedented maritime solutions to utilise and protect these possibilities.

This is our vision

At Damen, we believe that oceans, seas, lakes and rivers offer humanity a growing range of possibilities in the areas of trade, food, energy and recreation. We offer unprecedented maritime solutions for this through design, shipbuilding, ship repair and related services. We offer versatile platforms to connect the world and enable you to be successful. Innovative ships that inspire and raise the standard in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, ease of use and – crucially – sustainability.

We are on a mission

By expanding our leading position in standardisation and serial construction, we provide our clients worldwide with state-of-the-art maritime solutions to responsibly and efficiently utilise the increasing potential of the maritime industry. As a family-owned business we hold family values that look to the long-term; stewardship, craftsmanship, fellowship and entrepreneurship. In every aspect of our business the next generation is our starting point.