Corporate social responsibility

At the beginning of 2020, as Damen entered a new generation and position itself towards the future, we took steps to implement an effective CSR strategy, imbedded across the business and aligned with our corporate strategy.

We invest in CSR for a number of reasons:

  • To ensure regulatory compliance of our operations and solutions

  • To better serve our clients and financial partners

  • To remain an attractive employer

  • To protect our company and our world for the next generation.

We believe that a key part of CSR lies in transparency. As part of this, we publish annually a full report on our activities in relation to social, economic and environmental responsibility.

The latest edition can be found here

Stakeholder approach

Our approach involves having in place clear processes and well-articulated guidelines, covering everything from how to conduct business to HSEQ to environmental protocols. For example, Our stakeholders are informed of what Damen expects of them via our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct.

Giving back

As part of our responsible approach, and in order to give back, we provide support to the communities in which we operate.


A key part of our CSR involves our work in the area of sustainability. At Damen we have a broad interpretation of sustainability; we take it to mean economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our approach to sustainability is founded on three pillars; sustainability embedded in the organisation, sustainable operations and design for sustainability. Within these three pillars we pursue a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), namely:


With our values as a family company we care about our people. Ensuring the health and safety of everyone working for or with Damen is our group’s number one priority. This commitment is underpinned by our Governance of Risk and Incidents Prevention (GRIP) programme. We have in place a robust process for the cross-divisional reporting of incidents and other health and safety related matters. This transfer of information and experience enables us to improve our performance, standards and operating procedures.

Global presence:

All around the world in all sectors of the maritime industry

Damen operates 36 shipyards in 18 countries. We offer direct employment to more than 11,000 people, delivering more than 160 ships annually. We operate six divisions focused on niche maritime markets:

  • Naval

  • Yachting

  • Workboats

  • Mid-Sized Vessels

  • Maritime Venture

  • Repair & Conversion