Repairing, Retrofitting & Upgrading

Keep your fleet up to date with minimal downtime!

Damen Services Middle East is your go-to partner for (emergency) repair services, vessel modifications or engine overhauls in the entire Middle East region.

Repair service

If an accident happens or a system fails, Damen Services is able to get you on the move again with expert marine technical assistance Whether repairs are limited to small malfunctions of equipment or a complete replacement of the main components or hull repairs are needed, we have the expertise. By solving the issue at the source, we make sure that your vessel will be up and running as soon as possible.

Based on an assessment of the damage, either made remotely or onsite, a plan of approach will be drafted together with the vessel owner and their preferences. Upon approval of the plan, the agreed scope will be executed at the owner’s location of choice.


  • Hull and vessel construction

  • Replacement of complete propulsion lines

  • Fire damage repairs

  • Rudder and thruster system repairs

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Electrical systems

  • Engine repairs

  • Towing and anchor equipment

  • Crane systems

  • Engine services for all major brands including MTU and CAT

Available options

  • Supply of modification drawings for local (hull) repairs

  • Supply of ship parts and components

  • Coordination onsite

  • Commissioning of replaced/repaired systems by OEM specialists

  • Yard services

  • Drydocking

  • Turnkey solutions

Engine overhauls and engine renewal

At Damen Services Middle East, we help you to keep your engines in top shape. We offer top-end and major overhauls of the most commonly installed engines such as CAT and MTU. We guarantee minimal downtime of your vessel.

Thruster maintenance

The health of a vessel’s propulsion system is critical to ensure maximum product lifetime. A vessel’s thrusters are in near-constant use, and like any mechanical parts, require care to maintain peak functionality and maximise return on investment. To help you ensure the efficiency and longevity of your vessel’s propulsion systems, Damen Services offers a cost-effective way for vessel owners utilising Aquamaster thrusters to carry out thruster maintenance at Albwardy Damen shipyard or a yard of your choosing, while having the support of a highly experienced onsite Damen Service Engineer. Maintenance we perform includes minor- and major seal changes, complete thruster overhauls, polishing, balancing and dye penetrant testing of propellers, amongst other services.

Conversions, refits and upgrades

During the long operational lifetime of your vessels, equipment and components may need to be renewed. In addition, the environment in which your vessels operate is evolving, which can lead to significant changes in demands of your fleet. We are always able to advise you, as we continuously update and improve our designs and configurations, together with our in-house engineers, suppliers and partners. Be it a replacement of obsolete systems or a required increase in performance or efficiency, we have the experience to find the optimal solution to suit your needs.


  • Crane replacement

  • Foldable mast instead of fixed

  • Propulsion line renewal

  • HVAC/Chiller unit renewal

  • Anti-corrosion improvements

  • Installation of external Fi-Fi installations

  • Dynamic Positioning upgrade (from DP1 to DP2)

  • Gyro stabiliser system installation

  • Performance and functionality upgrades

  • Assistance with re-certification

Laser cladding – Damen’s new standard for tail shaft coating

Coating is used to create a wear-resistant surface at the bearing location. After various considerations and tests, Topclads’ Tardisphere Laser Cladding is used as a replacement coating for NCB and RAM coated shafts. Laser cladding is a unique laser surface treatment with a proven track record in heavy duty applications.

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