Repair, refit and upgrades

Docking Packages

For dockings Damen Services UK can offer you ship parts packages based on the requirements of your periodic survey, your vessel's operating profile and our knowledge of normal wear and tear. It is vital to have the right spare parts available when your vessel goes into dock.

From our base in Southampton, Damen Services UK can arrange docking facilities, OEM attendance and supply of the required spare parts to ensure a smooth docking period, whenever and wherever you need it. A pre-docking survey is also part of our service.

Engine reconditioning and overhaul

At Damen Services UK, we help you to keep your engines in top shape. We offer top end and major overhauls of the most commonly installed engines such as CAT and MTU. We guarantee minimum downtime for your vessel.

Thruster maintenance

The health of a vessel's propulsion system is critical to ensuring maximum product life. A vessel's thrusters are in near-constant use and, like all mechanical parts, require care to maintain peak functionality and maximise return on investment. To help you ensure the efficiency and longevity of your vessel's propulsion systems, Damen Services UK offers owners using Aquamaster thrusters a cost-effective way to carry out thruster maintenance at a shipyard of their choice, with the support of a highly experienced Damen service engineer on site. Services include minor and major seal changes, complete thruster overhauls, polishing, balancing and dye penetrant testing of propellers.

Conversions, refits and upgrades

Over the long operational lifetime of your vessels, equipment and components may need to be renewed. In addition, the environment in which your vessels operate evolves, which can lead to significant changes in the requirements of your fleet. We can always advise you, because we are constantly updating and improving our designs and configurations, together with our in-house engineers, suppliers and partners. Be it a replacement of obsolete systems or a required increase in performance or efficiency, we have the experience to find the optimum solution to suit your needs.

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