Damen Shipyards Gdynia

Damen Shipyards Gdynia S.A. specializes in building vessels designed to the clients, individual wishes and requirements. The Company also offers a wide range of standard vessels designed by Damen Shipyards Group members. The Company specializes in vessels up to 900 tons.

Damen Shipyards Gdynia offers designs and newbuildings of following types of vessels:

  • partly outfitted hulls of mega yachts

  • harbour, coastal and seagoing tugs (also with azimuth propulsion)

  • fast rescue boats and pilot boats

  • environmental and pollution fighting vessels

  • hydrograph survey (research) vessels

  • buoy-laying vessels

  • yacht support

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Visiting address
1st Indyjska Str.
81-336 Gdynia, Poland
Latitude: 54.5348937; Longitude: 18.5337931
Postal address
1st Indyjska Str.
81-336 Gdynia
Contact details
Phone +485 86 22 14 10