Damen Shipyards Mangalia

Damen Shipyards Mangalia is located on the Black Sea coast of Romania and is a joint venture between Damen and the Romanian Government with Damen responsible for the operational management of yard. Mangalia is the largest shipyard in the Damen portfolio and its integration into the group opens up the possibility of Damen constructing and converting larger and more complex vessels than was previously possible, with particular emphasis on RoPax ferries, cruise ships, big offshore vessels and offshore structures.

The yard occupies a single site of nearly one million square metres and has 1590 metres of quayside. Three dry docks range in size from 302 by 48 metres to 360 by 60 metres with craneage to match. It has a comprehensive range of skills and workshops on site for newbuild and repair projects including high capacity steel and painting facilities.

The yard was originally known as 2 Mai Mangalia Shipyard and began building new ships in 1976. In 1997 Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries S.A. took control of the yard and changed the focus to building large container ships, bulk carriers and tankers. In late 2017 Damen acquired Daewoo’s shareholding and in the summer of 2018 took operational control.

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Visiting address:
Portului Street, No. 1, 905500, Mangalia
Postal Address:
Portului Street, No. 1
905500, Mangalia
Contact details:
Phone: +40 (0)372 41 13 00 (Head Office)
Phone: +40 (0)372 41 13 84 (Newbuild office)
Phone: +40 (0)372 41 11 15 (Ship repair office)