Annelies Damen and Olena Zhukova opened a first community house in Galati

On Saturday October 8th, Annelies Damen opened officially together with Olena Zhukova a first community house in Galati, to give Ukrainian Damen evacuees a safe place. Children and mothers have now the possibilities to have language lessons, music lessons, educate in a social environment and above all room to play to distract from the war. The opening was after an impressive violin concert and dance and sing performances by Ukrainian children in the public historical library of Galati. Proud we could realize this project by the first donations given to the Damen Support Foundation mainly by our dutch Damen collegues. Many thanks to local community of Galati, our collegues at the Damen Shipyard Galati and all Foundation members. Special thanks to Michel de Reus and Mykolay Latushkin.


Meanwhile, there is practical need for housing, language lessons, mental help and physical care,  like dentist and checkups. ‘Stichting Damen Helpt’ wants to fulfill these needs. Help is necessary, all donations are welcome.

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