Galați has become the "second home" for Ukrainian families

Galați has become the "second home" for hundreds of Ukrainian families

Almost a year after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Galați has become the "second home" for hundreds of refugees who fled the destructive actions of the Russian invaders. Many of the families that found salvation in Romania belong to employees of the company Marine Design Engineering Mykolaiv (MDEM), within the Damen Group.

We all felt we had to do something!

Despite the threats of an invasion from Russia, no one imagined, however, that war, in all its horror, would become an everyday reality in Ukraine. But since the first hours of the invasion launched on February 24, 2022, Mykolaiv has been on the front lines of the Russians' attempt to make their way to Odesa.

"When the war broke out, we all felt we had to do something! They were our colleagues, we have been together for many years, we are like a family, we had to help them! At our Mykolaiv branch we had over 200 employees, the situation was very dangerous, and later things got even worse, because they were very close to the front line.

The men were not allowed to leave Ukraine except under very special conditions, but we gave our female employees, also our employees' wives, children, grandparents, the opportunity to bring them here, to a safer place," Annelies Damen, member of the Damen Group Supervisory Board, told us.

Photos by Ovidiu Amălinei


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