Local construction

Damen offers local building for its entire portfolio, and has built more than 1,000 vessels in this way in over 70 countries around the world.

For naval clients Damen Naval is able to support vessel construction at a location of the client’s choice, beside the option of building vessels at Damen yards. Damen Naval has already completed successful projects like this for the Indonesian Navy and Mexican Navy.

Furthermore, the modular design of our SIGMA range of vessels means that construction can be carried out in different locations, depending on locally available manpower, knowledge and facilities. This innovative and efficient modular building method shortens delivery times.

The benefits of modular build and local construction are numerous:
  • Proven naval designs

  • Design flexibility to meet specific demands

  • Guaranteed Damen quality and building support

  • Transfer of technology and skills development to local shipbuilding industry

  • Convenience of local production

  • Increased local content to meet political requirements

  • Stimulation of local economy and employment opportunities