DOP150 with sand mining head

Desalination plant expands capacity using DOP150

Trench dredging for water inlets plant

Product type
DOP150 with sand mining head
Head type
Sand Production
Job type
Sand mining

In the South Eastern Egypt, a large water desalination plant is located. The plant takes in water from the Suez Gulf. Recently, the decision was taken to expand the capacity of the plant.

This expansion requires the construction of a number of additional water intakes. These intakes comprise 2 sets of 3 pipes of a 1.2m diameter each and with an overall length of 1 km.

As the intake piping is to be located well below sea level, the trenches are to be dredged to -4 m with an overall width of 8 m each.

The job is done using a DOP150 with jet water assisted sand mining head. The DOP dredge pump is attached to the boom of an excavator, and is hydraulically powered by this excavator. The flexible mixture discharge line covers some 200 m to the spoil fields.


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