DOP150 with cutter head

DOP150 attached to amphibious excavator

Maintenance dredging in industrial ponds

Product type
DOP150 with cutter head
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Job type
Maintenance dredging
AGL Loy Yang

Various industrial settling ponds of the AGL Loy Lang power station needed maintenance dredging. To ensure these ponds can be used to store their maximum capacity of ash and fine sand, they are to be cleaned at regular intervals. An amphibious excavator with DOP150 is doing this job at present.

The AGL Loy Yang power station is located 165 km South East of Melbourne in the state of Victoria. The station generates some 2,210 MW, being approx. 30% of Victoria’s power requirements. Next to the power station is a coal mine, supplying the power station with the fuel to generate electricity.

Around the power station there are a number of industrial settling ponds. These ponds contain process water, ash residue from the combustion process of the power station and fine sands. The cleaning up of these ponds is done by a DOP dredge pump, fitted out with a cutter unit to break up compacted sediments.

Dredging settling pond

The dredging depth starts at -2m, yet when the ponds is cleared out it will be -6 m. The dredged material will be pumped over a land pipe line varying in length between 400 m and 1,000 m to a disposal area.

The choice for a project set-up of an excavator with attached submersible pump has been made due to the easy relocation of the unit. The area contains half a dozen of settling ponds which are to be dredged in turn.


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