DOP200 with sand mining head

Efficient barge unloading

Heavy mixture discharge by DOP on excavator

Product type
DOP200 with sand mining head
Head type
Sand Production
Job type
Barge unloading
Michels Construction Inc
North America

Barge unloading

A DOP200 has been used at an upland disposal facility near Philadelphia to offload a continuous carousel of transport scows, also known as hopper barges. The sediment in the barges had been previously dredged hydraulically. The hopper cargo contained a mixture of silt, fine and coarse sand, and coarse materials such as small gravel, shells, coal and debris.

In total, some 26,000 cubic yards [some 20,000 m³] have been removed. At the upland disposal facility near the Schuylkill River, a booster station was added to the discharge the heavy mixture more than 1,000 feet [some 300 m] to the disposal site.

Mounted on excavator

The DOP pump was affixed to a Liebherr LH60 material handler located on a barge. The DOP dredge pump drive was directly powered by the excavator’s hydraulic system. The DOP has proven its worth as a more than adequate tool to offload and transport the heavy and varied dredged mixture to the disposal site.


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