DOP200 with cutter head

DOP200 on amphibious excavator

Removing silt in shallow water

Product type
DOP200 with cutter head
Head type
Job type
Precision dredging

In high winds an amphibious excavator has done a precision dredging job near a Dutch dyke. The project aim was to remove a limited volume of silt – some 4.000 m³. The silt was to be removed to create a more stable basis for dyke reinforcement; the removed volume was to be replaced by sand in a second stage of the project.

The DOP200 dredge pump was connected to the boom of a “Waterking”, an amphibious excavator. The Waterking was fitted out with a power pack at its back , suppling hydraulic power for both the dredge pump and its cutter unit. To ensure precision dredging, the excavator was provided with a GPS system, plus the standard DOP dredge pump monitoring instrumentation.

The dredge pumped discharged using a partially floating pipe line of in total 150 m length. After removal of the silt layer, the dyke was reinforced using sand.


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