DOP200 with leveller head

Contaminated sediment removal

Pumping contaminated sediment from barges

Ongoing, finished in 2024
Product type
DOP200 with leveler
Head type
Job type
Barge unloading
Peab AB

At present, a mayor port expansion project is undertaken at the Swedish Port of Goteborg. The expansion will result in an additional 220.000 m² of terminal surface and 460 m more quay length. The project has been divided in various stages: the DOP200 has proven its worth in the later stages of phase 1.

Now, the site has to be filled. To do this, 350.000 m³ of soil will be dredged from the local river, “Göta Älv”. Part of these sediments, some 175.000 m³, have been contaminated over the years by for instance anti-fouling paints. The dredging project has two gains: the river is cleaned removing the contaminated soils, and these sediments are re-used to fill the expansion site.

The DOP200 is used to empty these barges at the highest possible mixture concentration. The DOP dredge pump will, when required, use some water on its suction head to create a sufficiently fluid slurry mixture to be able to pump it.

The DOP200 is powered by a Damen powerpack, type PP400.

The dredge pump will deliver the dredged mixture to a processing plant through a cleanable screen container where large debris is taken out.

These materials will be pumped to the site where it will be covered with a 0,6 meters of crushed stone as base for the new terminal. The expansion project – which does not hinder current logistic activities at the RoRo terminal - will add a surface of some 30 football pitches to the Port of Goteborg, its largest development project in the past 40 years.


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