DOP150 with sand mining head

Re-burying E cable in surf zone using a DOP150

Trench dredging in surf zone

Product type
DOP150 with sand mining head
Head type
Sand Production
Job type
Precision dredging
Knoop BV Tynaarlo

A challenging project due to the location: the surf zone on a Danish beach. The waves, the tide and heavy wind created rough working conditions.

The aim of the project, executed for a renewable energy company, was to lower a cable bundle already in place. This bundle included a 1400 MW high voltage cable and a fiber optic cable.

To deepen the trench for the cable bundle, a DOP150 was used, connected to a Waterking amphibious excavator. The complete project set-up included a second amphibious excavator, a jet pump to supply pressurised water to the submersible dredge pumps mining head plus the required suction and discharge hoses.

The jet water assisted DOP dredge pump opened the surface and removed the main amount of soil. Thus a gap was created next to the cable bundle. The ample jet water created liquified sand, in which the cable bundle sank deeper due to its own weight. Several passes along the cable length were required to obtain the right depth.


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