DOP150 with sand mining head

Residue storage facility of slimes cleared by DOP150

Effective mining pond dredging

Product type
DOP150 with sand mining head
Head type
Sand Production
Job type
Environmental clean ups
Dredging Africa

The DOP150 was called in to clear a toe paddock around the Residue Storage Facility at a mine in South Africa. The material in theses toe paddocks consisted of slimes, which had to be removed as the storage facility itself had to be extended over the toe paddocks.

The challenge was that no conventional earth moving equipment nor a suction dredger could be used in the area. The solution was adapting an existing excavator from the fleet : its boom was extended, and its hydraulics were altered to be able to power the DOP dredge pump directly.

The excavator & DOP Dredge pump combination was used successfully : the slimes from the paddocks has been pumped back onto the existing Residue Storage Facility.

The task was completed in 5 months’ time: and although the site is situated in a highly abrasive sand environment, the DOP pump never failed and no break downs were experienced.


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