15 Mar 2021

Concordia Damen launches BesteVaer Capital Fund

Concordia Damen launches BesteVaer Capital Fund.

Ben Littler

New fund will facilitate purchase of inland vessels

Concordia Damen has launched a Capital Fund, the BesteVaer Capital Fund. This fund will facilitate the purchase of new and/or used inland vessels, thereby stimulating movement within the inland marine transportation sector.

The company has made a Business Plan Tool on its website to offer its customers – on a non-obligatory basis – the possibility of having a customised business calculated for a motor vessel of its stock database.

The resultant plan is specifically designed to serve as the first assessment of the financing of a vessel. Following the data capture on the website, the client receives the customised business plan by email.

Should the financing requirements of the banks not be fully met, the Business Plan Tool will provide information on additional financing options which can be provided by BesteVaer Capital Fund.

CEO Concordia Damen Chris Kornet said, “With this move we have added value to our solutions, providing our clients with a helpful financing tool. This will facilitate easier purchasing of new and used inland shipping vessels from our stock portfolio and help provide stimulation to the inland shipping industry.

On the photo the members of the Investment Advisory Committee of BesteVaer Capital Fund, from left to right:
Gerard Deen (Inland Navigation Entrepreneur, Deen Shipping Group), Tom Boerema (Director, Shipping Technology), Leendert-Jan Visser (Director, Comfort Vermogensbeheer)