23 Jul 2021

Damen assigns responsibility for f126 air-conditioning systems to ENGIE Axima Germany

Damen Shipyards and ENGIE Axima Germany signing a contact

Ben Littler

Unbeatable German quality for crews on board

Damen Shipyards and ENGIE Axima Germany (formerly “Noske-Kaeser®”) have concluded a contract for the design and supply of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, the CBRN protection systems and the refrigeration systems for the F126-class frigates for the German Navy. This means that the crews will be protected from ABC threats and that an impressive level of comfort will be guaranteed on account of the use of first-rate HVAC technology.

The contract, spanning several years, will secure jobs for up to 80 ENGIE Axima employees at the Hamburg site and at the shipyard construction sites. The planning and design work will commence in July 2021 and the first frigate will be equipped with ENGIE Axima’s technology at Blohm+Voss’ premises in Hamburg in 2024. The contract also covers the commissioning of the systems on board the frigates as well as the supply of all main components and other materials. ENGIE Axima Germany will also equip the onshore facilities accordingly.

Upon the conclusion of the contract, Hein van Ameijden, Managing Director of Damen Naval, said: “We’re thrilled to be able to award yet another major contract to a German subcontractor. The contract is of huge importance because the provision of HVAC technology will be key to ensuring the safety and well-being of the military personnel on board the F126 frigates. As such, we’re pleased to be able to rely on impressive German quality here.”

ENGIE Axima Germany has been involved in Navy-related operations for over 140 years. Since 1990, Noske-Kaeser® air-conditioning/ventilation, CBRN protection, refrigeration and firefighting systems have been used on 157 surface vessels and 81 submarines as part of a range of different Navy programmes. Since then, more than 50 surface vessels and six submarines have been equipped for the German Navy. This work has included programmes such as those covering the F124 and F125-class frigates, the K130 Batch 1 and 2 corvettes and the Type 702 Berlin-class combat support ships.

At the request of the German Navy, together with its partners Blohm+Voss and Thales, Damen will build a total of four frigate class 126 ships after the partners were named the successful bidder in 2020 as part of a European invitation to tender spanning several years. The first ship is scheduled to be handed over to the German Navy in 2028. The fact that the ships will be constructed in Hamburg, Kiel and Wolgast means that all building work will be carried out in Germany.

On the contract signing photo from left to right:
Contract signing: Hein van Ameijden (CEO Damen Naval) and Thomas Arlit (Managing Director ENGIE Axima Germany)